What is the capital of Turkey

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Ankara is the capital of Turkey

Ankara is the capital of Turkey, and is located in the northwestern part of Turkey, about 200 km to the south of the Black Sea near the confluence of the following regions (Hatip, İncesu and Çubek streams), and was known in the ancient name as Angora, due to its name Angora relative to the species of rabbits and cats and angora goats in them.
Ankara covers an area of ​​approximately 2516 km2, located on a latitude of 39.923127 north, and on a longitude of 32.848897 east. It is characterized by its attractive features including the Independence War Museum, the State Museum of Arts and Sculpture, the Anatolian Civilization Museum, in addition to the Ankara River, and the Arabs opened it to spread Islam in general. 654, coinciding with the spread of Christianity.

The population of Ankara

Initially, it was planned for Ankara to accommodate about 500,000 people, because its population was less than 100,000 in the old, but this became impossible due to migration from villages to cities that led to an increase in the population, and the population of the city and its suburbs is currently more than approximately 5 million people. About 75% of them belong to the Turkish origin, in addition to the presence of other minorities, including the Kurds, Arabs, Circassians, and others, and the capital is the second largest area in terms of population after Istanbul.

Ankara’s economic and political situation

The Turkish government has invested heavily in the city, and economic growth has been stimulated by the presence of a space unit and a military base in it, and the government is the largest operator therein, and the arms and car industry is one of the city’s most important exports, in addition to the presence of food factories and other electronics, and the presence of commercial and banking sectors, The city of Ankara is located in the territory of Ankara, which is divided into 25 regions, and is considered to be the seat of the central government, and in which all legislations are conducted, and the political stability in the city has made the development process possible.


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