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Vietnam, or in English Vietnam, is a country located in southeastern Asia, specifically in the far east of the Indochina Peninsula. It has long coasts on the South China Sea, and Tonkin Bay in the north that connects to the South China Sea. It also has coasts on the Gulf of Thailand in the southeast. And this site occupied by Vietnam is an important strategic location, because it is very close to the shipping lines located in the South China Sea, where Vietnam occupies the entire eastern and southern coast, and something from the western coast of the Indochina Peninsula.

The capital of Vietnam

The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi, and this city is located in the north of the country on the right bank of the Red River. Its population exceeds 7 million, as it is the second largest city in Vietnam in terms of population after Ho Chi Minh City. The city of Hanoi covers an area of ​​3,344.7 km2. Hanoi is one of the important industrial centers in Vietnam. It is also considered one of the most economic cities in the world, as it is the political and economic capital of Vietnam.

Vietnam site

Vietnam is bordered on the eastern side by the Gulf of Tonkin, and the South China Sea, where the Gulf of Tonkin is located in the northeastern part of the country, while the South China Sea is located in the east, and southeast of the country. While it is bordered on the western side by Laos, Cambodia, and the Gulf of Thailand, where it is bordered by Laos on the western and northwestern sides, while Cambodia borders it on the southwestern side, and the Gulf of Thailand also borders it on the southwestern side. As for the northern side, it is bordered by China, and from the southern side, it is bordered by the South China Sea.

Vietnam space

Vietnam spans an area of ​​331,210 km2. Its population exceeds 90 million, and according to 2013 estimates, its population reached 90.3 million. Most of these residents embrace Buddhism, with an estimated percentage of about 85%, while the rest of the population embraces other religions, such as Taoism and Confucianism. Vietnamese is the official national language of Vietnam, as the vast majority of the population speaks it, and there are also several other languages ​​spoken by some minority populations.

The system of government in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with a socialist republican system of government, and was formerly a French colony scattered around the world, as it was a colony of the Indochina peninsula that France controlled. As soon as the French left Vietnam, the Americans entered it to face the communist tide. It gained its independence and unity in the seventies of the last century after many years of conflicts and wars that took place on its lands, as Vietnam was previously divided into two parts, one in the north, and the other in the south.

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