What is the capital of Zanzibar?

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Zanzibar is named after a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean, and these islands belong to Tanzania in eastern Africa, and they are about 35 km from the coast called Tanganyika, and they are 118 miles south of Mombassa, 29 miles north of Dar es Salaam and away from Madagascar 720 miles and 500 miles from Comoros, Zanzibar is made up of 52 islands, but the main islands include Anguga Island, Pemba Island, Tombato Island, Mafia Island, and there are 27 islands located around Pemba, and Zanzibar has extensive self-authority, and the origin of the word Zanzibar is from the Arabic language, this island lived a lot of Wars and conflicts, but the most intense was the great reward for Muslims What is still stuck in the minds of many of those who lived in those difficult days, and Zanzibar is the same as the rest of the Arab countries that have lived bitter conflicts, the Muslims have always been the victim, but h Zanzibar has managed to overcome its wounds and become a place that many intend for fun and see the scenic views, and h will enjoy the charming nature That God gave to Zanzibar.

History of Zanzibar

Menothias is the name given to Zanzibar from the ancient Greeks and Romans where they contacted them commercially, and Zanzibar was mentioned for the first time in a book written in Greek bearing the name (Dictionary of the Indian Ocean) and the author of this book is known only because he is Egyptian of Greek origins, he lived in The port of Bernice, which overlooks the Red Sea in 60 AD, and the Persian Agass in the tenth century A.D. on the east coast of Africa founded emirates, the most famous of which were the Kelwa, Zanzibar, Mombasa, and Pemba emirates, between 1503 until 1698 he occupied the Portuguese Zanzibar and during their occupation the Zanzibar Emirate captured Mombasa, And earned an exemption from the office And when I entered into a union with Portugal, and during the reign of Imam Sultan bin Saif Al-Yarubi, the Omanis expelled them in 1652, and Mr. Saeed bin Sultan Al-Busaidi took Zanzibar as the capital of his state during his reign, because he saw in it the basic ingredients to be the capital, as it is a distinguished geographical location and a moderate climate, Sayyid Saeed bin Sultan Al Busaidi is the first to introduce cloves to the island of Mauritius, after which he took the reign Sultan Majid bin Saeed who separated Zanzibar from Oman during his reign, and after that came to power Sultan Barghash bin Saeed and after his death the British took it as a natural reserve, and it became independent as a sovereign Sultanate On December 19, 1963.

On January 12, 1964, Ubayd al-Roumi made a coup against Sultan Jamshid bin Abdullah who was ruling Zanzibar at the time and was under the rule of the Busaydis. Obeid Al-Roumi succeeded in his coup and declared the republic established, during which he killed between 5,000 to 12,000 residents of Zanzibar who were Of Arab and Indian origins, he arrested and exiled thousands; and behind that coup was the most horrific massacre to which Muslims were subjected, as they were taken in thousands to mass graves specially equipped for them. Author Yossi Melman said in an article published in Haaretz newspaper on August 7, 2009 that the military coup against the rule of Muslims who were They make up the majority, with 70% participating Zionist intelligence, and also mentioned the names of intelligence officers who participated in the coup.

After the coup, the Christian priest Julius Nyerere assumed power with the support of the West, the Christian priest supported Marxism, abolished many Islamic religious rites, and fought the acts of worship enjoyed by the great majority in Zanzibar. He even issued a decision forcing Muslim women to accept marriage to Christians and refused to do so. A crime that has a criminal penalty, and during the coup d’état, Ugandan mercenaries, who were affiliated with Julius Nyerere, entered into a massacre that began killing 5,000 Muslims and cremated their bodies.

Zanzibar entering Islam

Where Islamic immigration to the east of the African continent worked to enter Zanzibar in Islam at the end of the first century AH era of the Umayyad state, and the pilgrims bin Youssef Al-Thaqafi was trying to annex Oman to the Umayyad state during the reign of King Bin Marwan, where Oman was ruling at that time the brothers Suleiman and Saeed sons Al-Jalandi, and the two brothers refrained from the pilgrims, so he sent a large army that he could not choose, so they chose safety and took those who followed them to the mainland of eastern Africa, and after the Omani presence in Amman after the migration of the two brothers from Oman until the rulers of Zanzibar followed the rule of the imams in Oman until the era of the Sultan happy with N Sultan, who has worked to open a new, bright page in its history and has given it unprecedented attention.

The capital of Zanzibar

The capital of Zanzibar is the largest island of Anguga and is called (the eastern grove of Africa) and has a length of 85 km and a width of 40 km. Anguga is a large river called Moira, which is the main source of water for the capital.

Zanzibar Islands

Stone Town, which is a rocky city located on the western coast of the island of Anguga, the capital, and there are in the city of Stone Town many rock buildings and this is the reason for its name, and there are approximately 1700 buildings, including 1100 buildings of architectural significance and contains 23 commercial complexes, two cathedrals and more than 50 mosques And its area is about 83 square kilometers, and this city was classified by the United Nations as a world heritage, and the island of Pemba is called the Green Island with an area of ​​about 78 kilometers in length and 23 kilometers in width, and is characterized by its very fertile land and is famous for the cultivation of hookahs and cloves where there is More than three mullahs Yin is a high-quality carnation tree because of the heavy rainfall and air softness and sandy ground.

Population in Zanzibar

According to the most recent statistics conducted, the population of Zanzibar reached approximately one million people, the percentage of Muslims including 98%, the rest being either Hindus or Christians, and the Arabic language was the official language of the population in the Omani era, and after the British occupation the Zanzibar language was officially Swahili alongside the English language In Zanzibar, Muslims suffer from poverty and backwardness, despite the existence of fertile lands.

The economy of Zanzibar

Agriculture is the first craft for the people of Zanzibar and their most important crop is the clove, which this country is famous for, and has at least four million trees and it occupies the first position globally and exports it to all countries of the world, and since Zanzibar is located in the waters of the Indian Ocean, fishing is considered a craft Excellent and it has a large demand from the population, and there are some industries that depend on agriculture, such as oil, medicine and candy, and the total economy of Zanzibar is based on spices, vanilla, cloves and tourism, and because the beaches of Zanzibar are beautiful, distinctive and picturesque, the tourism sector started to be active and coffee developed Infrastructure to suit the needs of visitors, and currently there are hotels and guest houses that are affordable, and a patina is one of the areas that attract tourists due to the presence of old areas and beautiful buildings built with fine architecture.


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