What is the capital of Zimbabwe

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Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe

Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe, located in the northeastern part of the country, in the center of the historic Machaland region, and the city is located on the Highfield Plateau, with a height of about 1490 m, and is characterized by its subtropical climate, and is considered the most densely populated among the cities of Zimbabwe It is worth noting that it is the seat of the national government in the country, and the country shares its borders with Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa.

History of Harare

Harare was founded in the year 1890 AD by a mercenary force led by Cecil Rhodes to take over Mashonaland, and it was formerly called Salisbury relative to Salisbury III, and in 1897 AD Salisbury became a municipality, and a city in 1935 AD, and it was the capital of the Rhodesian Union and Nyasaland during the period between 1953-1963 AD And after the Second World War its population increased, as many people immigrated to it, and the name of the city was changed to Harare after Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980.

Harare Economy

Harare is the hub of railways, roads, and air transport in Zimbabwe, as it includes Kentucky Airport, which is responsible for international traffic, and is an important industrial and commercial center, and the main distribution point for agricultural products to its vicinity; especially tobacco crops in the city of Virginia, as well as The city has many of the country’s economically important gold mines, and includes residential heights and industrial suburbs.

Tourism in Harare

Harare is more attractive than most other southern African capitals, as it is a safe and comfortable city, and it includes many wide roads furnished with red soil, flowering indigenous plants, in addition to many museums, craft markets, and various bars, among the most prominent features:

  • Zimbabwe National Gallery.
  • Delta Gallery.
  • National Botanical Gardens.
  • East Gate Center.
  • National Archives of Zimbabwe.


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