What is the city called the sun city?

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Baalbek, the city of the sun

The Lebanese city of Baalbek is the city that is called the city of the sun (Heliopolis), which is the name given to it by Greece, when it was conquered by Alexander the Great in 334 BC, and it was called this name, and this name remained used in the year 64 BC, when Pompeii was annexed The great region of Phenicia to Rome, then the city became a colony of the Roman Empire, and this city is located in the north of Beirut, in the Bekaa Valley, 86 kilometers northeast of Beirut, and 60 kilometers from the Mediterranean coast, and its location is determined by a latitude (34 ° 0 ‘ 20.99) N, and longitude (36 ° 13’5.02) E.

A brief history of Baalbek

The city of Baalbek is an ancient Phoenician city, inhabited since 9000 BC, and it was an important site for worship in the ancient world, where the Phoenician god of heaven Baal was worshiped (English: Baal), and his wife Astarte (English: Queen of Heaven), then entered the temple To the Christian era due to the influence of Constantine the Great on the Roman Empire, the Temple of Venus, the Temple of Jupiter, and the Temple of Bacchus are among the greatest temples in terms of architecture, and during the period between the fourth and seventh centuries the number of Christian churches in them increased, then Islam ruled the region in 637 AD, and used Lakh site A strong Islamic Sun, a mosque was added to it.

Landmarks of the city of Baalbek

The city of Baalbek is one of the most visited sites in Lebanon because of its history and cultural importance. This also includes many archaeological monuments, including:

  • Stone pregnant woman.
  • Mrs. Khawla’s Mausoleum.
  • Baalbek International Festival.
  • Khawlat Cemetery, which includes the tomb of Hussain bin Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace -.
  • Kadisha Caves in which mummified remains were discovered, dating back to 1283 AD.
  • Ishtar and Venus Temple.


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