What is the city of Bingol? Where is it located? And when was it built? It is considered part of the city of Anatolia and what is not known to many is that the city of Anatolia is characterized by the presence of many natural tourist cities with stunning appearances and natural green spaces. Anatolia region is considered for the regions in the world which are in the eastern part of Europe as it is considered a peninsula found in western Asia It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to extend in the Turkish lands except for its eastern part, it is known as the digestion of Armenia and surrounded by both the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Aegean Sea i.e. surrounded by 3 seas that extend the Sea of ​​Marmara as it contains many ancient monuments that are due to many civilizations The old world and the special mention here of Bingol city located in the eastern part of Anatolia and has an area of ​​8402 kilometers square and most of the population of Kurds Alzaza, and has the establishment of the city, one thousand nine hundred and forty-six called a country of knowledge, science, trade and economy.

The city of Bingol

It is one of the most important cities that exist in the East Asia region and the Turkish region in general and at the same time it is affected by many ancient civilizations that lived in it. According to what was mentioned in the ancient historical books, many of them indicate that the city of Bingol was called in the ancient mountains of Al Gour and with the Islamic conquest Diyarbakir city by Commander Khalid bin Al-Walid, may God be pleased with him, as the city was opened as part of one of the battles during which the Mongol leader Kebsi was martyred and was buried in one of the mountains of Bingol City at that time. As for that mountain, it overlooks the Sultan Al-Kabsi mountain and from the customs The residents of Bingol city today refer To visit the Sultan’s tomb in order to read Al-Fatihah on his soul, which has brought a lot of fame to this city

What is Bingol famous for?

The most important thing that distinguishes the city of Bingol is the large number of landscapes in it. It contains a lot of beautiful areas and comfortable natural scenes of the soul and the eye in a very beautiful image. Glory be to God in his creation of these stunning scenes. For beauty, joy and tremendousness, it is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, thanks to the fact that it contains a moving lake that is not fixed in one place, and a huge number of tourists and viewers visit it every year in order to see this moving lake, which is one of the wonders of the world. The water in which a moving person putting him to many of the risk and experience are on the things where the sink and sink into the waters.
Bingol city is also famous for its abundant springs that contain hot sulfur water and that people from all countries of the world go to for hospitalization. Studies have shown that hot sulfur water has many benefits in treating skin and bone diseases

Ottoman city style

The city has a lot of beautiful mosques that were built in the great and very beautiful Ottoman style in its shape and made with extremely high precision and the most important thing that brought to the city of Bingol a high reputation the city university that was built and taken care of in a very special and distinctive architectural style in the year 2007 and it accepts scholarship from outside The country contains high specializations such as architecture and civil engineering in addition to that it includes the faculty of economics and political science, the faculty of commerce and the faculty of arts and it contains medical colleges such as the faculty of veterinary medicine and dental medicine in addition to the faculty of arts and the faculty of agriculture In 2013, then add some scientific disciplines needed by today’s labor market and is under the supervision of a number of prominent academics in the State of Turkey

Popular markets are the secret

Bingol city is famous for its popular markets and modern markets alike thanks to the atmosphere of fun and joy known for the movements of spice merchants and carpenters dealers and authentic Turkish hand-made furnishings and it also contains copper utensils engraved with Ottoman motifs in innovative ways and tourists can go into the forests of the city or do safari or barbecues While many tourists come to heal in the sulfur springs but at the same time many tourists come for fun and entertainment and to see the landscape and the animated lake that is one of the seven wonders of the world

How beautiful Bingol is

Bingol city is considered one of the most beautiful countries in Anatolia, it is a destination for fans of adventure and strange things, at the same time it is characterized by its beautiful restaurants that offer many traditional dishes of the Anatolia region in addition to special dishes in Diyarbakir, where you find very special food whether you like grilled vegetables, rice or sweets Delicious Turkish with added nuts that carry a lot of warmth and character to the city, especially with the presence of mushrooms distinctive of the dishes of the city and is always present in each recipe.

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