What is the city of Jeddah famous for?

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Jeddah city

Jeddah is considered a province of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, it is located on the coast of the Red Sea in the western side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, about 949 km from Riyadh, 79 km from Makkah, and 420 km from Medina, it must be noted that it represents the capital Tourist and economic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is the first destination for tourists, both inside and outside the Kingdom, in addition to it occupies the first rank of skyscrapers, and tower projects, and in this article we will get to know the most important thing that the city of Jeddah is famous for.

The most important thing that Jeddah is famous for

Home Arts Museum

The Home Arts Museum displays a lot of home artifacts and collectibles, which date back to more than seventy thousand years, where the museum is distinguished by its distinct arrangement and its beautiful and harmonious display of collectibles, which has made it a door of attraction for many people, and tourists are permanently there.

Bab Makkah

This Bab Makkah is considered one of the most famous doors that make up the old wall of Jeddah, as it is located on the opposite side of the Bedouin Market near the Assad neighborhood, and this door remains a witness to the history of the Jeddah Wall, which was designed to protect the city from enemies, and not to approach it.

King Fahad’s fountain

The King Fahd Fountain is the largest fountain in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records, where water flows from a height of three hundred meters, and this fountain is located on the shore of the Red Sea on the opposite side of the Corniche River, and everyone wants to enjoy watching this fountain in times of sunset and evening .

Jeddah Corniche

Jeddah Corniche is one of the most beautiful and beautiful tourist sites in Jeddah, as it boasts views of the Red Sea and its beach, as well as the presence of a dedicated street for marketing, which includes many shops, cafes, and distinctive and clean restaurants, parks, and beautiful and wonderful beaches.

Sea divers divers

The Desert Sea Divers are one of the popular tourist sites in Jeddah, where many diving enthusiasts have been admired, allowing tourists to delve into the depths of the Red Sea, in addition to discovering and watching marine creatures accompanied by coaches and specialists.

Al-Shafei Mosque

Al-Shafei Mosque is located in the Al-Mazloum neighborhood in Souk Al-Jami ’, and it is considered one of the oldest mosques that were built, and its lighthouse was built in the seventh century AH, corresponding to the thirteenth century A.D. Long time period.


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