What is the city of London famous for?

المسافرون العرب

London is a European city located in Britain and London is considered the capital of the United Kingdom and is an economic, political and tourist destination for many visitors and enjoys many historical ingredients that made it a strong city, and London is famous for the name of the city of fog, and I gained this name due to the atmosphere of fog in it Because it has cold weather and a lot of noisy movement that creates the atmosphere of fog, it is a city that never sleeps. London is famous for many of its highlights, including:

Big Ben Tower

The Big Tower embraces a large and famous clock, which is Big Ben, which is a world watch, a center of world time Greenwich. The Big Ben clock rings every hour. It is heard throughout London, and whoever visits this tower as if he visited London.

Thames River

A very famous river runs in London and it is the Thames River, which is called a meeting place for writers, intellectuals and artists. It hosts many cafes, and the first bridge in London was built on the Thames River, which is the Tower of London Bridge relative to the clock tower, and the Thames River enjoys building flood barriers When the river is expected to be flooded, the barriers are automatically lifted for fear of the flow of water that will flood the city.

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Buckingham Palace

And it is the most famous palaces of kings in Britain, and Buckingham Palace is characterized by its luxurious and historical nature and it is the palace inhabited by any king who crowns in Britain and Queen Elizabeth is the most famous of the rule of Britain.

Piccadilly Circus

This field is distinguished by the first destination for tourists in London, where it hosts many literary cafes, entertainment cafes, shops and restaurants. Piccadilly Circus is famous for Shakespeare Square, which was Shakespeare’s literary inspiration.

The British Museum

Because London is an ancient city in which the largest museum in the world was established and named the British Museum, it is not an ordinary museum but rather a museum that includes millions of things brought from various regions of the world and includes the British Museum on the Victoria Museum and the National Museum and the Scientific Museum and the Natural Museum and so on. It contains this vast amount of museum contents.

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Westminster Abbey

It is the oldest church in London and is the most important Romen Catholic Church in Britain. The church is distinguished by its lavish historical style, in which the kings who rule England are crowned and still today the crowning of the kings of Britain, and over the past nine centuries the church was added a special architectural character Those era which ruled Britain.

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