What is the city of Marseille famous for?

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The city of Marseille

Marseille is the second city in France after the capital Paris, and the third largest in terms of population, after the cities of Paris Lyon, Marseille is located on the southern coast of France, and on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and is already considered the most important sea port in France, and Marseille is one of the most important The Mediterranean ports, therefore, they play a big role in promoting tourism in France, and this role has increased in importance after Marseille was crowned as the capital of European culture in 2013, to be one of the most important tourist cities of France, with its distinguished tourist, cultural and historical places. Attracting thousands of C I would love to come to them every year to see the truth about the magnificence of tourism in France, especially in this charming city.

We cannot get to know the beauty of French cities without going over the beauty of Marseille, and we cannot know anything about French tourism without going through the enchanting port of Marseille, nor can we overlook the visit to the Place de la Modureur in Marseille, which is the first French art and culture square, and even even at the level of The whole world, this magnificent square, which was designed by Japanese architect Itumo Rapito, this square which includes a huge number of artists and designers, which enriched the culture and tourism in France in general, and especially in Marseille clearly and clearly.

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The effects of Marseille

The city of Marseille (the bride of South Beach in the south of the Middle) specializes in a huge architectural diversity that appears clearly to the viewer, and this is evident between the historical and archaeological buildings, and between the city witnesses a modern urban renaissance, through huge newly constructed buildings, which overwhelm its modern streets with coordinated scientific planning In a surprising way, which gave Marseille a distinctive beauty and elegance, and made it one of the most important tourist cities in France, as an example of this Marseille boasts a building of the Mediterranean Sea Villa, which adorns its southern coast, as it boasts its historical buildings, which Marseille is famous for, and contribute greatly to the prosperity of El Oasis in France, and among these buildings: the Fort Saint John building, the Cathedral de la Migjorne, the Chilo building, and many many of these historical buildings, especially since Marseille has an area of ​​about three kilometers, which is replete with historical buildings, museums and public libraries, which added importance Marseille for tourism and economy, and its transfer from being one of the most beautiful and most important French tourist cities, and the jewel of the southern coast of France, to become the capital of European culture for the year 2013 AD, which made it to the forefront of the throne of European tourism and culture, and it deservedly so deservedly.
The old port area is filled with distinguished restaurants and elegant and popular hotels, which satisfy most tastes, in addition to commercial buildings spread across its commercial streets. The port area also features a daily fish market, occupying the Belgian berth, which increases the vitality of the city, and gives it a paper beauty, as well as The port area is characterized by the presence of many specialized museums, on top of which is the Maritime Museum. It is also adorned and famous for its historical theaters, and on top of it is the distinguished French Opera House, which is an ornate architectural masterpiece, which is located in the heart of Marseille, where a fire almost The year 1920 to devour and destroy it.

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Its inhabitants are distinguished – in general – for their kindness, tolerance, and openness to all different cultures, and they are known for the warmth of their feelings towards others, and Marseille society and its social fabric are composed of different races and multicultural, despite the fact that nearly a quarter of its population are of African descent, and they paint Marseille with a distinct African character, and find Many tourists in Marseille are a starting point for their trips towards exploring the beauty and charm of its picturesque Mediterranean beaches, and the grooves, bays and small port they contain, which are characterized by the charming beaches of Marseille.

Its location is Marseille

Marseille is located in the south of France on the shore of the Mediterranean, and it is characterized by an exquisite civil design, as it spreads in its semicircular shape, and extends to the interior of a small old port that does not accommodate modern large ships, and is abundant with old boats, which are used for picnic, and also surrounds the place A large group of cafes and restaurants, and cafes and restaurants are considered one of the most important things that achieve the biggest attraction for tourists, and that extends to the interior of the old port, and there is a main street called (the Kanbir), which is one of the largest streets that bustle with newly established shops, and it is also unified Of the things that interest you Tourists melted to the place, and there are many restaurants and cafes on the sides of the port that specialize in all kinds of food. Therefore, this contributed to attracting tourists of different nationalities. There are also cinemas that display various films, and what distinguishes Marseille is the most classic and calm character. The simple one, and it is also very realistic, and welcomes visitors to it in a beautiful and simple way.

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Sport in Marseille

Marseille is famous for its youth sports activities through internationally known clubs, and through a variety of clubs and sports facilities, and the most famous of these clubs in the city is the Olympic Football Club Marseille, which strengthened the level of French sport by winning the Champions League 1992-1993 AD, and came second In 1991, the club has its own stadium, the Velodrome Stadium, which can accommodate more than 60,000 spectators, as this club hosts many different sporting events and events, including the French national team’s rugby matches, and has also hosted several international matches in the World Cup matches For football in 1998, and the 2007 Rugby World Cup, Marseille is also famous for the activities of Betanak, so that it is known since ancient times as the capital of the designated Betanak, as the city hosted in 2012 the World Championship for Betanak, and the annual World Cup Marseille for Betanck is held in Marseille, which is one of the most important tournaments Spread across the world.

Marseille is also famous for marine sports, and sailing boat racing is one of the most important of these sports in Marseille, where the nature of its beaches and the winds that characterize these beaches allow all marine sports, such as: surfing, windsurfing, etc., and many competitions are held in these sports Extending the warm waters of the Mediterranean, golf is practiced in Marseille on the ground of three golf courses dedicated to playing golf. It also has many specialized sports facilities, dozens of gyms, and many public and indoor swimming pools, and it is spread in it. A running sport, practiced by city residents even in public parks.

Marseille is also one of the most famous French countries, which witnessed the birth of many prominent figures in the world, in which the well-known football player, Samir Nasri, was born, and it also witnessed the birth of the great player Zinedine Zidane, who is a player of Real Madrid, this is in addition to Many prominent personalities who talked about France, and Marseille is considered one of the cities that contain more than one religion, as people in it embrace different religions, and that was also one of the factors that contributed and helped in a big way to increase the attraction of tourists to it, as the tourists coming to it find Interest in different religions, no They feel alienation or distress as a result of being in it. In conclusion, each country or city contains some advantages that enable it to distinguish from other cities, in various aspects.

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