What is the city of San Francisco famous for?

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San Francisco

San Francisco is a city located in the western United States of America, overlooking the western coast of the United States of America, which is one of the cities of the state of California, and the city of San Francisco is one of the most important cities in this state. For California, San Francisco is: the northern part of the state.

San Francisco landmarks

California is famous for many important landmarks, the most important of which are:

  • Golden Gate Bridge: Or the Golden Gate Bridge, or in English, the Golden Gate Bridge, which is a suspended bridge that began construction in 1933 AD, and was completed in 1937 AD, where construction took four years, and this bridge crosses the Golden Gate Strait, and therefore it was named after this strait This bridge connects San Francisco to Sausalito.
  • the Golden Gate Bridge: It is the first suspension bridge constructed in the world, and is one of the greatest engineering achievements of the last century.
  • Skyscraper Trans America Pyramid: Or in Transamerica Pyramid, this tallest skyscraper is the tallest skyscraper in San Francisco, with a height of about: 260 meters.

San Francisco website

The city of San Francisco occupies the upper part of the San Francisco peninsula, as it stretches geographically at the head of the San Francisco peninsula, and can be considered a peninsula branched from the main San Francisco peninsula. The San Francisco peninsula consists of the city of San Francisco in the north, and some other cities and provinces in the center and south of it, such as: San Mateo, Brisbane, and the city of Daily City, and others.

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Bodies of water in San Francisco

San Francisco is bordered by three water bodies from the three sides: North, East, and West. These water bodies are: San Francisco Bay, the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate Strait, or the Golden Gate Strait, where it is bordered by the San Francisco Bay from the east, and from the north. The eastern part is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the western side, while the Golden Gate Strait is bordered on the northern, northwestern side. As for the south side, it is bordered by the city of Dili City, and from the southeast side it borders the city of Brisbane, and Brisbane is one of the cities of the province of San Mateo.

San Francisco space

San Francisco extends over a geographic area with an area of ​​about: 600.6 square kilometers, and water constitutes approximately 80% of this area, as the area of ​​water bodies in the city is about: 479.2 square kilometers. San Francisco is known as one of the largest cities in the United States of America in terms of population and population density, as its population, according to 2013 estimates, is about 837,442 people, and the city’s population density is about: 6,898 people per square kilometer of area Land.

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