What is the city of Sefrou famous for?

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Sefrou city

The city of Sefrou is one of the small Moroccan cities located at the foot of the Mediterranean Atlas Mountains, and is located about twenty-eight kilometers from the southeast side of the city of Fez, and the Acadi Valley crosses in it, and many historians indicate that it was established long before the foundation of the city of Fez, and the most prominent of Distinguished by the fact that it is surrounded by many orchards, and there are many waterfalls, and this name was named after the Berber tribe that inhabited it, which was known as the Sefrou people, and the city included a Jewish minority for a long period of time.

Things that the city of Sefrou is famous for

the fruit

It is famous for its richness in the love of kings, as it is the only city that produces this fruit in Morocco, and a special celebration of the season of kings is held in the city, as it takes place in the first week of June, and this season represents an important opportunity to introduce the city of Sefrou in terms of tourism and history.

Kings Love Festival

This festival takes place from Friday and continues until Sunday, in which all kinds and types of fruits are displayed, and many religious, cultural and artistic competitions are organized in it, and thus the city turns into a theater full of tourists who come to it from different cities and regions of Morocco and Europe, and perhaps the most prominent event In this season it is the choice of a princess or a queen of love for kings, as a competition is organized in which many girls compete, then a certain committee selects the queen taking into account the availability of many requirements in it such as beauty and belonging to the city.

The most famous tourist sites in the city of Sefrou

  • The Great Mosque: This mosque was built next to the Akai Valley in the fourteenth century, and its area is about 1250 square meters, and it has six large gates that facilitate the process of reaching the mosque.
  • Mausoleum of Sidi Ali Bousergene: It is characterized by its richness with religious landmarks that have a great historical and archaeological status, as well as being one of the most famous areas in the city of Sefrou.
  • Wad Acadi waterfalls: It is a park and tourist area for the locals, specifically those who are looking for greenery and refreshment in the hot summer, the place is suitable for relaxation and relaxation, as it is filled with small restaurants that bring the best meals and foods.
  • Bhalil: Bhalil is a very attractive and attractive village, which is only five kilometers from the city of Sefrou, and is famous for the beauty of its nature, as there are many picturesque caves and orchards, in addition to being famous for many handicrafts, except that its residents who still maintain their ancient customs It is also very popular with the weekly market that takes place on Wednesday. In the morning, hundreds of local residents, and many sellers and visitors from Sefrou and Fez invade a large area for commercial activities, which are usually held in M’sila.

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