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The city of Taif

The city of Taif is one of the cities located in the west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, located in the region of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, about 688 km away from it, and it is located on the eastern slopes of the Sarawat Mountains, and rises above the sea by more than 1700 m, where this height increases when heading to the west and south The city reaches approximately 2500 m, and according to the prevailing system of regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the city of Taif is one of the largest provinces affiliated to the Makkah region.

What is the city of Taif famous for?

  • Its special position among Muslims: The city of sect is especially important for Muslims, being the city to which the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, went after leaving the city of Mecca.
  • Scenic terrain: It is very famous for its wonderful and picturesque terrain. Many residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia go to it to spend its summer there and enjoy their time away from the pressures of life and noise. It is distinguished by its mountains, valleys, plains and the abundance of trees in it.
  • Its ancient history: The city of Taif is also famous for its ancient history, which provided it with a distinguished historical place. There are many monuments in the city that date back to very ancient times, and the wall of Taif is one of the most famous, in addition to the very famous Shubra Palace and the magnificent Al Najma Castle.
  • Dams: The city of Taif is famous for its many dams that hold water, and is used for irrigation of large gardens.

The location of the city of Taif

The geographical location of the city of Taif is distinguished as a vital crossroads for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the roads coming from the south and north, in addition to the east and west regions converge, which have earned it a significant tourist, commercial and agricultural importance since ancient years, as it was considered the summer capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and hosted many From delegations and conferences from inside and outside the Kingdom.

Climate of the city of Taif

The climate of Taif is considered a moderate climate, as it tends to heat during the summer, with average temperatures during the summer ranging between 20-30 degrees Celsius, while the weather during the winter is cool, with temperatures ranging from 8-20 degrees Celsius, and the winter temperature can reach about four degrees Celsius with cold air fronts.

Historic city of Taif

  • Halima Al-Saadia Mosque, may God be pleased with her, located in Bani Saad.
  • The archaeological pedestrian trail.
  • Mishrifah Palace.
  • Alsumaliqi Dam.
  • Abdullah bin Abbas Mosque.
  • Okaz historical market.
  • Seed dam.
  • Abu Zaid Al Hilali Stadium.

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