What is the cost of tourism in Austria in detail

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Know the cost of tourism in Austria and everything related to tourism there, Austria is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, as it is characterized by the presence of many famous tourist areas that attract numbers of tourists around the world; therefore, travelers search for all costs related to travel so that they can visit all places Pleasurable, and to achieve the maximum degree of entertainment during their trip, and in this article from the Arab travelers we offer you all the costs of travel to Austria.

The cost of tourism in Austria

The cost of tourism to any country around the world always varies according to your budget, your financial condition, and in general you control the costs of tourism for any country due to several factors:

  • Visa costs.
  • The price for travel tickets.
  • Accommodation costs.
  • Transportation and transportation costs.
  • Food and drink costs.
  • Shopping, tourism costs.

Here are the most important tourism costs in Austria below.

The cost of travel to Austria for two and two children

Travel visa costs to Austria

Austria does not allow Arab tourists to enter it without obtaining a “Schengen visa”, but for traveling to Austria through a tourist visa, it is a short stay visa of up to ninety days as a maximum, and it is preferable to obtain a “Schengen visa” that allows you to move 25 countries across the world with the price of one visa.
It is best to start the visa procedures one and a half months before traveling, and although this period is very long it is very important, as it allows you to solve any travel related problem if any.
Visa costs for adults range from $ 100 to $ 150, and visa costs for children range from $ 60 to $ 75.

The cost of a flight ticket to Austria

The price of the airline ticket to any country varies depending on the country from which you will depart, and according to the airline with which you book your flight, and ticket prices range from $ 350, to a maximum of $ 500.

Currency of Austria

The currency of Austria is the euro, and 1 euro is equivalent to 1.9 US dollars.

Transportation costs in Austria

Austria is characterized by a system of public transport, which allows you to choose many options in complete ease between the attractive tourist places in various cities of Austria, as well as provide you with options such as buses, trams, trains, metro and taxis.
Taxi prices range from € 4.80 to € 34.
Other transportation prices in Austria range from 2.40 euros to 28 euros.

Accommodation costs in Austria

It is best to book hotels in all the cities that you intend to visit before you travel, so that you can travel between the cities of Austria in complete confidence about where to stay. Austria is full of wonderful places that you can visit in each city.
Hospitality prices
Hospitality prices range from 52 euros to 58 euros.
Prices for rental apartments
Monthly rental prices in Austria range from 450 euros to 1,800 euros.
One star hotel rates
Prices for these hotels range from 60 euros to 66 euros.
Prices for two-star hotels

Prices for these hotels range from 70 euros to 99 euros.
Three star hotel rates

Prices for these hotels range from 106 euros to 130 euros.
Four star hotel prices

Prices for these hotels range from 150 euros to 287 euros.
Five star hotel prices

Prices for these hotels range from 300 euros to 450 euros.

Shopping and tourism costs in Austria

Restaurant prices in Austria

Prices for different meals in restaurants range from 2 euros to 50 euros, depending on the quality of the restaurant and the type of food provided.
Prices for meals for two people range from 40 euros to 60 euros.

Prices for groceries in Austria

Grocery products include many basics, such as breakfast snacks, dinner, sweets, chocolate, dairy, cheese, water, juices, etc., and the prices of these products range from 0.62 euros, to 27 euros.

Prices of clothes in Austria

The clothes include many types of shoes, bags, quality summer and winter clothes, etc. The prices for different clothes range from 20 euros, to 150 euros.

The costs of attending equestrian performance reviews

The ticket price for attendance is 34 euros.

The costs of attending a Vienna party

The ticket price of attendance is 28.5 euros.
This was all the information related to travel, entertainment, tourism, transportation, meals, hotels, rental apartments, and hospitality only from Arab travelers.
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