What is the cost of tourism in Mauritius

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Through this article, we will learn about the cost of tourism in Mauritius, as the island of Mauritius has become one of the most important factors attracting tourists around the world, thanks to the possession of stunning natural scenery, in addition to its distinctive beaches, which are famous for the purity of its waters, so many are keen to travel to it in order to spend fun times In it, and in our next article on Arab travelers, we will show you the cost of tourism within the island of Mauritius in terms of accommodation, transportation and food prices.

The cost of tourism in Mauritius

Accommodation prices in Mauritius

Hotel Prices

  • One-star hotel costs $ 47.
  • As for the two-star hotel, the price for accommodation is $ 53.
  • And a three-star hotel where the price of renting a room is about 92 dollars.
  • The cost of stay in a four-star hotel is $ 188.
  • As for the five-star hotel, the accommodation price is around $ 310.

Prices for apartments

  • The one-bedroom apartment in the city center is priced at $ 331 per month.
  • The price of renting a two-bedroom apartment located outside the city center to 206 dollars per month.
  • The price of renting apartments with 3 bedrooms located in the city center is about 697 dollars per month.
  • If the apartment is located outside the city center, the price of its rent per month is 439 dollars.
  • And for those who want to buy an apartment on the island, the average price per square meter for apartments in the city center is around 869 dollars.
  • If the apartment is outside the city center, the price per square meter will be 797 dollars.

Transfer prices in Mauritius

  • The price of a single ticket on local transportation is around $ 1.10.
  • The monthly subscription to local transportation amounts to $ 74.
  • Taxis have a starting price of $ 0.69.
  • The price of each km covered by the car reaches 1.70 dollars.
  • The waiting time for an hour is $ 6.60.

The cost of food in Mauritius

  • In cheap restaurants, the price of the meal is $ 6.50.
  • As for the mid-level restaurants, the price of a two-person meal is around 33 dollars.
  • The average price of a meal in regular restaurants in Mauritius is around 9.10 per person.
  • If the meal was for two people, the average price would be $ 40.
  • As for fast food, it costs about $ 6.60.
  • And for water bottles 1.5 liters, it is up to $ 0.83.
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