The cost of tourism in South Africa with an integrated tourist schedule, South Africa is one of the countries suitable for travel in the winter, because it is located in the far south of the continent of Africa, which makes the hot atmosphere ideal for spending the winter period. To find out the cost of your trip to South Africa next winter, here is the article for Arab travelers.

The cost of tourism in South Africa

  • The cost of transportation is higher compared to housing expenses, and you may get tremendous offers with the advent of winter. It is tourism in South Africa, a country that has a striking natural beauty, and a climatic nature that reflects the result of its presence in the southernmost part of the African continent, and in the lower direction of the equator.

The cost of two weeks in South Africa

  • One of the most important factors that fall within the cost of travel to it, is the period you spend while traveling to the country of South Africa. Among them :
  • The cost of traveling or flying to and from South Africa.
  • The cost of accommodation
  • The cost of food and drink.
  • The cost of transfers to tourist attractions.
  • Emergency expenses.
    • Therefore, if a period of two weeks is specified for travel to South Africa, the average travel account with the cost of transportation and living costs will be approximately 30,000 Saudi riyals.
    • The previous estimate may be suitable for a couple’s honeymoon trip, or a couple’s trip for their wedding anniversary, or for two friends.

    The cost of flying and transportation in South Africa

    • The ticket to South Africa per person is estimated at $ 700.
    • The cost of transportation – one of the highest costs of living in Africa – has been estimated, and the cost of domestic flying is $ 20.
    • The cost of renting a private car per day is approximately $ 80. As for reliance on public transport in South Africa, it is described as medium but not cheap.
    • The cost of cars transporting passengers from the airport to their hotels is $ 40 for two people, 45 for three people, and 35 per person.

    Transfers in South Africa

    Eating prices in South Africa

    • Most South African hotels offer food for free, except for regular hotels, which only provide breakfast.
    • In general, the cost of food in South Africa is not far from the cost of food in any other country.

    Cafes and restaurants in South Africa

    Residence in South Africa

    • South Africa is well known for its stay in hotel villas, or bachelors, with a budget of approximately $ 130.
    • The villa features two bedrooms, a living room, with all services only. While staying in singles allows you to enjoy all the major excursions and meals, the cost of which is up to $ 1500.
    • As for accommodation in South African hotels, the cost of one night in a five-star hotel is close to $ 200.

    The villa in South Africa

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