What is the cost of tourism in Spain this year

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Dear tourist, get to know the cost of tourism in Spain if you plan to visit it soon. The country of Spain is one of the most distinguished European countries, with its tourist attractions. Tourists who reach more than 50 million tourists annually, and planning to travel to it requires knowing the prices of airline tickets, accommodation costs and means of transportation, all of which you will find in Arab travelers.

What is the cost of tourism in Spain this year

Prices for airline tickets

  • The price of a ticket to Spain ranges between $ 250 to $ 300, and to get the best ticket price, you need to start booking at least one month before traveling, and the cost of travel to Spain is cheap compared to other European countries such as France.
  • In the case of travel from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the UAE, the total travel cost ranges between $ 900 to $ 1,000, as this price includes the costs of internal transfers, accommodation and entry fees for tourist attractions, along with a visa that reaches approximately 60 euros.
  • Flight prices range between 900 to 2000 SAR in the case of travel from Saudi Arabia to Madrid and Barcelona, ​​while in the case of travel to the city of Seville, flight prices range between 1000 to 14 SAR.
  • You can enter this site to search for flights from Saudi Arabia to various cities of Spain.

Accommodation costs

  • The prices of accommodation in hotels vary in Spain. Luxury hotels such as The Westin Palace in Madrid cost you a lot. In the desire to stay at the lowest costs, you can stay in popular hotels or hotel apartments.
  • The prices of one-star hotels reach about $ 60, while two-star hotels have prices of $ 72, three-star hotels reach $ 127, and four-star hotels have prices of 154, and five-star hotels cost up to $ 316.

Transportation costs

  • Transportation in Spain varies between taxis, train and buses. Taxi fare starts from 10 Saudi riyals to increase according to the distance. The Spanish express train is one of the most expensive types of trains in Spain, as it enables you to travel between different cities.
  • Buses are spread all over Spain, and it is the perfect choice to move to places where you can not ride the train, and its costs are moderate and affordable for all. These buses are available through many transport companies.

Restaurant prices

  • The price of meals in restaurants ranges between $ 9 to $ 11, that is, from 35 to 40 Saudi riyals per person, and for meals for two or three individuals, their prices start from 100 to 140 Saudi riyals.
  • The prices of hot drinks such as coffee are between 3 to 4 Saudi riyals, while the price of cappuccino ranges between 5 to 8 Saudi riyals.

And in case you want to see the most famous tourist attractions in Spain that are worth a visit, you can access this link.


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