What is the country of Morocco famous for?

المسافرون العرب

Called the jewel of Africa, yes, it is Morocco, and Morocco is an Arab country located on the African coast of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. This Mediterranean location between Africa and Europe made it a way to travel between the two continents through the Strait of Gibraltar, which is characterized by a picturesque nature, and to Morocco again it is distinguished With the scent of heritage and beauty, perhaps what Morocco is famous for is the truth of many things in each of its cities, and from these famous cities we will proceed to:


And it is the capital of Morocco. Rabat is distinguished by archeological and touristic sites. It also has historical fences and what was made of Rabat to be a city comparable to other cities is the aesthetic of the region that overlooks the Atlantic coast. The most prominent tourist attractions of Rabat are the Hassan Mosque, Hassan Silo and King Street Mohammed V, these are three places that must be visited by the roving in Rabat, and he will tour the Mara market, famous for the traditional and traditional tools of Morocco, and will enjoy walking in its old neighborhoods because it is a historical city.

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Undisputedly, it is one of the largest cities in Morocco in terms of population density and in terms of tourist destination. Marrakech is called the Red City and the strangest city because it is an ideal city for tourism as it includes rivers such as the Orica River and snowy mountains like Mount Yagur and dense forests such as the palm forest, and also includes desert in it and thus it is integrated with a place that has fresh air, clear water and good taste for eating The recreational comfort of an unparalleled nature.

White House

And it is the tourist capital of Morocco and it is called Casablanca and it is the first and most important destination in tourism. This city hosts the second largest mosque in the world and it is the Hassan II mosque which was designed with a special Andalusian character, and this city also features huge hotels and the reason for this is because it is an economic capital First class and second class tourist capital, and one of its most famous hotels is the Kenzi Tower Hotel, which is very luxurious and overlooks the Grand Mosque. And those who roam in the markets of Casablanca will discover the smell of Moroccan heritage and the historical heritage of Andalusian nature in the markets. As Casablanca is old, it is necessary to spend the best times in it.

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Fez also compares to Casablanca, the visitor to Fez will enter an ancient city with an Islamic character, and Fez abounds in the ancient historical doors that surround it, such as the door of shops and the door of the conquest, and inside the city of Fez there is a famous mosque, which is the mosque of the villagers, which was built during the days of Islamic civilization and embraces Fez University of Al-Karouin The ratio of the mosque to the villagers.

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