What is the country of the rising sun?

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The country of the rising sun

Japan is known as the country of the rising sun, where the origin of the word Japan belongs to Nippon, which means the land of the rising sun, and its name is related to that in relation to its location on the eastern side of China and the direction from which the sun rises, Japan is located on the eastern side of the Asian continent, specifically between the ocean The Pacific and the Sea of ​​Japan, and in the eastern side of the Korean Peninsula, Tokyo is its official capital, Japan has an area of ​​about 377,944 square kilometers, and a population of approximately 127,103,388 people, the country of Japan is one of the cities that imports all its resources from other countries for the sake of its industries; Because of the lack of resources on land A except for Fisheries, also includes the state group of islands that stretches from the north side to the south side and an extension to the east and down the western side, and the main most important islands are Japan’s Hokkaido island, the island of Honshu, the island of Shikoku, and the island of Kyushu.

Japan’s capital

Tokyo is the capital of the State of Japan, where it was named Tokyo since 1868 AD, it was called Edo, the headquarters of the authority in Tokyo were established by the emperor, which led to making it the capital of Japan, and Japan is one of the countries that have many capitals throughout the long history .

Tourism in Japan

The country of Japan includes a group of landmarks, places and islands that tourists visit among the most important of them:

Tokyo National Museum

The museum is located in Ueno and Janssen. The museum contains a large number of Japanese art, the most important of which are ancient pottery, Buddhist sculptures, samurai swords, wooden prints, in addition to the exhibition of masks, golden statues and golden masks located on the second floor of the museum.

Yoyogi Park

The park is located in Tokyo, near the Meiji Jingu Shrine in Chibuba, and about five minutes away from Harajuku Train Station, and it is one of the most important tourist destinations for tourists. It was established in 1967 AD. The park is characterized by beautiful meadows, forests, and pools of water, as well as visitors can Go walking and jogging.

Gokoku-ji Temple

The Jokoku-gir temple is one of the most famous and most attractive temples for tourists. The temple is located in Bunkyo of Tokyo, and it is one of the Buddhist temples, it was established in 1681 AD by Tokugawa Tsunayoshi for the sake of his mother, and in 1873 AD, the temple was declared as an imperial shrine by Emperor Meiji, it represents the art of Japanese splendid architecture, and visitors from inside and outside Japan are gathered to honor Emperor Meiji and his sons whose graves are located inside the temple.


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