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The term largest city

The term largest city in the world differs according to the automatic understanding of the reader, as there is no city in the world that is the largest in the geographical area, the number of population and population density; therefore we will try here to clarify the largest global cities in terms of the previous sections, so the geographical area expresses the area of ​​the land that falls on it The city, the greater this geographical area, the greater the area of ​​the city, and with regard to the population and population density, there are many people who cannot differentiate between the two concepts. The population counts the number of residents who live in the same city. Population density illustrates the number of people living on a per square kilometer, for example, when there is a lot of land arid in the city and some of the appropriate fertile land to live, people may resort to the fertile areas in this city, are increased the population density in the city is abnormally.

The largest city in the world

Some cities are distinguished from their counterparts from other cities. Some of these cities are distinguished by the large geographical area through which they can impose their strength and control over other cities, and some of these other cities are characterized by a huge population that is one of the resources that give it strength in the economy and construction, and some other cities It is distinguished by its huge population density that occurs due to the presence of these cities in a distinct location from other cities; therefore, we will try to identify in this Arab travelers the largest cities in the world in terms of geographical area, the largest cities in the world in terms of population, and finally the largest cities in the world from a neighborhood Population density.

The largest in terms of geographical area

New York City – located in the United States of America – is the largest city in the world in terms of geographical area, with an area of ​​more than 11 thousand square kilometers, and New York City is the economic capital of the United States, and is considered the largest in terms of population density in the country, and New York City has a major impact All over the United States in all different fields, and some researchers describe it as the economic and cultural capital of the world, and the reason for describing it as the economic capital is that a lot of international trade is concentrated in this city, but the reason for describing it as the cultural capital; There are many different cultures from all over the world, as the person roaming the city’s streets sees many races, races, and religions that migrated from around the world to this city, and we can also consider it the political capital of the modern world, given the presence of the permanent headquarters of the United Nations in this city As for the history of New York City, historians mention that the first people to immigrate to it are the residents of the Netherlands, where they left the continent of Europe and resided in the lands of New York and called it the city of New Amsterdam, after the Dutch capital (Amsterdam) that they left, then the English colonization came to Ara In New York, he changed the name of the city from New Amsterdam to New York; the reason for this designation is that the land was acquired by the Duke (York) from his brother, King of Britain, and the neighborhoods (Manhattan and Brooklyn) are the most famous neighborhoods in New York City, and they are distinguished by modern architectural style. These neighborhoods are considered one of the most important centers for international trade around the world, and Broadway Street is one of the most famous streets in the city, if not one of the most famous streets around the world, and the great popularity of Broadway Street came because it has the best theaters in the world according to the belief of many experts The specialist Yen is in this field, and many of the famous Hollywood celebrities have graduated from these theaters.

The largest in terms of population

Tokyo, which is located in the State of Japan, is considered the largest city in the world in terms of population, with a population of more than 36 million people, and Tokyo is the official capital of the State of Japan, and is also considered as the economic, cultural and political capital of the state, and it is located near the mouth of a river Sumida – one of the largest rivers in the country – and Tokyo has a large symbolism in the world indicating the tremendous cultural and technological progress that took place in Japan, as it is characterized by its advanced industries that are considered one of the best industries around the world, and adjacent to Tokyo, the most important and largest cities in Japan, such as: (Yokohama and Chiba). Tokyo includes Elk It is one of the neighborhoods characterized by modern architectural style, and these neighborhoods have the most famous commercial centers for the marketing of electronic devices and tools for advanced technology, and from these neighborhoods there (Ueno Shinjuku) and other huge and distinctive neighborhoods that exist in the city of Tokyo, Tokyo city is characterized as one of the largest and most important International cities in terms of holding festivals and artistic and cultural celebrations, during these festivals, many plays and shows that try to highlight the history of Japan and the Great Japanese Empire are presented, and the Sano Festival is one of the largest and most important of these dowries. Bars and celebrations taking place in the city and around the world, and roaming in the streets of Tokyo may be dazzled by the tremendous development reached by Japan despite its catastrophic loss in World War II, and despite the throwing of the nuclear bomb by the United States on the cities of (Hiroshima and Nagasaki), only that Japan was able To rise again through the use of the great human minds that were owned by their children, and for this our Arab countries must take a good example from Japan in how to rise and develop that happened in a period not to reach half a century.

The most populous

Dhaka is located in the country of Bangladesh, the largest city in the world in terms of population density, where the average population density in Dhaka has reached more than four thousand people living on one square kilometer, (Dhaka) is the official capital of the state of Bangladesh, and is considered – Also – the economic, cultural and political capital of Bangladesh, and Bangladesh in general and Dhaka in particular depends on the export of jute and Indian hemp to various parts of the world, and jute is a plant of the category of shrubs that grows in the tropics, after its tree reaches a age of more than two years, it is cut and stored in Clay, after passing More than a month on storage is used in many different industries, such as ropes, bags and other industries, and also includes the manufacture of carpets and rugs. The city of Dhaka is distinguished by its ancient history as the Mongols considered it one of the most important cities that they controlled in the thirteenth century Gregorian, then considered it one of their capitals within the territory of Bengal, which they controlled, then colonialism from various major countries, as the British and French colonized them, and the English colonization of this city continued for nearly two centuries, and after the end of World War II became (Dhaka) Assem East of Pakistan, then after the emergence of conflicts and wars between the state of Pakistan and India handed over by the Pakistani army to India, Dhaka is famous for agriculture; due to the tropical rains throughout the year, where you grow sugar, rice and tea and export it to various parts of the world, there are many important effects in the city Evidence of its ancient history, such as the Najmah Mosque and the Parka Palace, and many other monuments.

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