What is the length of the clock tower in Mecca

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The height of the clock tower in Mecca

The height of the clock tower is approximately 601 meters. It is located in the heart of Mecca, opposite the Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in the world. The Mecca Clock Tower is classified as the third tallest tower in the world. It is surrounded by six small buildings that include a hotel, an observation floor, and many galleries. One of the features that makes it one of the most famous constellations in the world is the zodiac, which is represented in the phrase God is greater and verses of the Holy Qur’an.

Makkah Royal Clock Tower

The Royal Makkah Clock Tower is classified as the tallest skyscraper in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and one of the seven tallest skyscrapers represented in Abraj Al-Bait Towers in Makkah, and this tower is used as a hotel, which is a state-owned building, designed by King Abdul Aziz from within the project to modernize the city, and took over the bin group Laden built it in the year 2004 AD, and the cost of construction was estimated at nearly fifteen billion dollars, which is thus the most expensive building in terms of cost. This tower also has the largest clock facade in the world, and is classified among the most sacred places in the Islamic world.

About Mecca Clock Tower

The clock tower of Mecca can be identified through the following information:

  • The Royal Clock Tower of Mecca was called the Abraj Al-Bait Complex, and it is considered a building of great cultural value for the Saudi community, as it consists of luxury residential apartments, hotel rooms, a conference center, a five-storey shopping center, a large prayer room, a museum, and a center to observe the moon during the holy months .
  • The facade of the Mecca Clock Tower was designed by German architect Mahmoud Bodo Rush.
  • Mecca Clock Tower was classified as the second tallest building in the Middle East, and opened in 2011, and it consists of one hundred and twenty floors.
  • The Abraj Al Bait Complex includes seven towers, consisting of the central tower, which consists of 95 floors, surrounded by six towers with a height of 42-48 floors. This complex is designed with a large hotel area to accommodate the increasing numbers of visitors to Mecca.
  • The face of the watch is located at the top of the central tower, with a diameter of approximately 43 meters, which is equivalent to five times the area of ​​the Big Ben clock in London. This watch is a late addition to the design, as the building was under construction when the clock was activated in 2010 on the first day of RAMADAN month.
  • The Abraj Al-Bayt complex is located at the entrance to the Grand Mosque that houses the Kaaba, which is classified among the holiest Islamic sites in the world.


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