Our article today revolves around the length of the Great Wall of China, where the Wall of China is one of the most important seven wonders of the world, and it is the competition that was announced in 1999 to set the most important 7 man-made landmarks around the world and that they were built and completed completely before the year 2000 AD.
Among the wonders of the Great Wall of China, it is located in the People’s Republic of China and extends along its northern borders to reach its northwestern borders.
So, during our article today, we will shed light on some information about the Great Wall of China, its history and its length in detail through Arab travelers, so follow us.

Great Wall of China

It is considered one of the largest and longest architecturally constructed landmarks around the world, and its history dates back more than 2300 years, extending from the region of Chenhuangtao on the Bay (Yellow Sea) or what is called the Bohai Sea in the east to the Gautai region in Gansu Province, west of the Republic of China.
Another wall has been built but extends to the south, as it stretches from Beijing to Handen.

The importance of the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall is one of the most important sites that follow the world heritage, and since it was chosen as one of the seven wonders of the world in 2007, the wall has become one of the most important archaeological sites and a destination for tourists from everywhere around the world.
This wall is considered to be of political and military importance, whatever the ages go by. It has been classified as the most prominent and rare defense and military project in history that was made by humans.
The Great Wall is one of the greatest Chinese symbols, as it consists of watchtowers, defensive walls, barracks, strategic lanes, and warning towers.
The wall has now turned to the most important historical symbols of the People’s Republic of China and glaring evidence of military and defense power and administrative superiority over the whole world.

The economic impact of the China Wall

The role of the Wall of China is not confined to the military, defense, or political aspects, but rather has a great economic impact, as it is the dividing line between the dry climate and the semi-humid climate in China, so the separation between the Bedouin areas and other agricultural areas, which caused an important and great economic revolution.

How length is The Great Wall of China

No one denies the importance of the Great Wall of China nor the historical cycle as it has become one of the Seven Wonders of the World since 2007, as we mentioned, as it crosses the desert and mountains, crosses rivers and traverses meadows.
When it was built, everywhere took building materials that differ from the others according to the nature of the area in which it is being built.
Where the wall consists of a large number of fences of equal length and parallel, which were built in a period of nearly 2000 years and was built starting from north China to southern Mongolia and extends along a length of 2,400 kilometers, and the length of the Great Wall of China is approximately 21,196 kilometers.
Taking the Chinese Ming Dynasty as an example to us, the area of ​​the fence was divided into 7000 km into 9 administrative military districts, and each administrative region has an executive head who is responsible for defense, restoration and reforms, and nearly a million soldiers have been linked around the fence.


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