What is the most beautiful city in the world

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The most beautiful cities in the world

Tourists from all over the world come every year to the most beautiful cities to entertain themselves and enjoy the holidays to escape the pressures of work and daily life, and major tourist magazines publish polls every year among tourists to know the most beautiful city every year, to issue an annual list of the most beautiful cities to visit based on several factors For evaluation.

The importance of these lists stems from the fact that they increase the rates of tourist attractions for the most beautiful cities, and in 2015, the Japanese city of Kyoto ranked first in the list of the most beautiful cities in the world for the second year in a row, which confirms the extent to which tourists enjoy this beautiful city.

The city of Kyoto

Kyoto is located in the central region of the Japanese island of Honshu, and was the capital of the Japanese Empire in the past before the capital was moved to Tokyo, currently it is the capital of the province of Kyoto and has a population of about one and a half million people, and the word Kyoto means the Japanese capital city.

The Japanese consider it one of their most important cities that contain the imperial cultural and architectural heritage. The city is surrounded by mountains from three sides, north, east, and west. It was designed like most Japanese cities, but it was distinguished by the presence of two main streets of equal length, which made them take a square shape.

History of Kyoto

The city was founded by Emperor Camus who was searching for a new place for the capital to move away from the whereabouts of his opponents, and the city remained the capital of the empire from 794, until 1868 when the capital was moved to Edo, whose name was changed to Tokyo during the reign of Emperor Meiji, and given the importance of The cultural and architectural city has been excluded by the Americans from air strikes on Japan during World War II.

Kyoto Economy

Kyoto is one of the largest Japanese cities, due to its importance in the industrial field besides the tourism sector, it includes many facilities dedicated to various types of light, heavy and electronic industries, and it is also internationally known for the craftsmanship of craftsmen in small and handmade industries, such as artifacts, ceramics, silk embroidery and bronze formation And, although industrial production is less than the rest of Japan, it is characterized by the presence of extremely important industries such as aircraft parts and chemicals, and tourists tend to purchase handmade products in that city.

Kyoto’s cultural heritage

Kyoto is one of the important religious centers in Japan and the continent of Asia, and is famous for the presence of many Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, and the number of historical monuments in the city is more than two thousand ancient monuments between shrines, temples and works of art. .


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