Learn in detail the best places for children to walk and entertain families in Riyadh. An integrated guide to the most famous water and amusement parks for children. Riyadh includes many different entertainment places suitable for children, including one of the largest water games cities, which we will get to know through our article.

The most famous water park in Riyadh:

City of Water Splash Water Games:

The famous water games city Water Splash is one of the most beautiful water games cities in the Arab world, and it is one of the cities that have many distinct services that provide all means of entertainment and recreation for visitors, and the city of Water Splash is one of the cities that have some departments for children As well as sections for adults, in order to ensure the enjoyment of all family members.

City of Water Games Splash:

The famous water sports city, Water Splash, is located in Riyadh, specifically in the Eastern Circular region. The city’s location is unique and can be reached quickly.

Entertainment amenities at Water Splash Games City:

  • The water park offers various entertainment, among which is the enjoyment of some of the different water games that exist in the city.
  • The city includes various games through its artificial lake, which includes a large number of cylinders, as well as some slides of various shapes, sizes and sizes.
  • Water Splash also provides some water games that are only intended for children, to ensure the safety and security of the child.
  • The city of Water Splash also includes a large lake, which is an artificial lake that was dedicated to swimming lovers, and that lake was divided into a section for children, as well as a section for adults.
  • The child can also get all the entertainment in the water splash city through the garden that is designated for children, which includes some other games that children prefer, including the game of collision cars, some lubricants, swing and other multiplayer games.

Available services in Water Splash:

  • A water park is available in some water splash rental services to ensure enjoying a picnic in the water park.
  • To ensure a fun time for families, water splash water city also provides a range of premium services, including gardens covered with green plants. You can also grill food and meat in the garden.
  • Water Splash is also available for renting chalets, at reasonable and affordable rates.
  • The city of Water Splash is surrounded by large green areas, in order to provide the family with this unique view.
  • Water Splash has some artificial waterfalls that add an attractive appearance to the city and give a feeling of happiness.
  • You can also eat some kinds of special foods, which you prefer with the excellent meals inside the city of Water Splash.

Water splash appointments:

Water Splash can be visited on a daily basis, from two o’clock, until twelve o’clock in the morning, and this is a very suitable time for all family members.

Ticket prices for water splash entry:

Prices for tickets to enter the Water Splash water city vary according to age, as adults and adults can enter the water park for only fifteen Saudi riyals, and for children they can enter for thirty Saudi riyals for a child, but this ticket includes all water games.

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