What is the name of Cambodia’s capital?

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Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia, and its capital is the city of Phnom Penh, which is located on the banks of the Mekong River, and the city of Phnom Penh or Phnom Penh is one of the richest and most populated Cambodian cities, with a population of more than two million people, and this city is the The political and cultural as well as the economic center of the State of Cambodia.

The name of the city of Phnom

The city was named after the Pearl of Asia in the year 1920 AD, and it is distinguished by the fact that it combines the two stamps with the traditional Khmer character and the character of the French colonial state. As for the climate that prevails in this city, it is a dry, humid tropical climate, which is hot throughout the year, with almost no small differences. .

History of the city of Phnom

The legend of the creation of the city talks about the story of an elderly woman named Ben, who is a local resident who lived in the fourteenth century AD, where this elderly lived in the city of Shaktok – the ancient name of the capital – and the capital of Cambodia at the time was the city of Encore, while it was The old woman collects firewood from the banks of the river, as she glanced from afar a cookie bush floating on the surface of the water, the woman rushed to her and pulled her out and the surprise was lying inside her, where she found four statues of Buddha, and a statue of Vishnu. He considered this as a divine prophecy telling them that the capital should be transferred from Ankur to Phnom, because of these holiness of Khmer at Khmer, while the elderly woman made a sand hill on the west bank of the river, and set up a temple on that hill to put the statues in a place worthy of them, and this is still The temple stands to this day.

Landmarks of the city of Phnom

There are two major museums in this city, the National Museum and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. The National Museum is considered one of the most important museums in the world for its archaeological and historical objects. Every year in November the city holds a large annual festival known as the Water Festival.

The economy of the city of Phnom

The most important sector in which the people of Phnom Penh work is agricultural, as it greatly contributes to supporting the economy of the country as a whole, since most of its residents work in it and depend on their food for rice as a staple food. In 2005 Cambodia’s territorial waters found natural gas and oil deposits in it, and it is believed that it will significantly affect the life of Phnom Penh in particular and Cambodia as a whole in general.


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