What is the name of London watch?

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The name of London watch

The famous London watch is called Big Ben, and it is actually the name of the bell inside the watch, but it is usually called on the entire tower that includes the clock, and on the watch also, and the Big Ben watch is a tower clock, known as its accuracy, and its bell Huge size, which weighs about 13 metric tons, is located at the northern end of Parliament in the city of Westminster in London in the United Kingdom, and its tower rises about 97.5 meters from the surface of the earth, and the hand of hours has a length of 4.3 m, and the minute hand is 2.7 meters long, and reaches The numbers have a length of about 58.5 cm, which helps to see them from a distance.

Create a London watch

The establishment of the Big Ben dates back to the first time in the year 1844 AD, but the bell cracked inside the tower because of its huge and very large weight, so that a new bell was installed inside it in 1858 CE. It also cracked in 1859 CE. To solve this problem, the weight of the hammer used to click on the bell was reduced to sound. In the same year, this bell will remain in use after that time.

There are those who say that the origin of the name Big Ben is related to Sir Benjamin Hall, the famous and the first delegated to the creation of the watch, and there are those who say that her name is related to “Benjamin County”, the famous boxing champion at the time, and the term Big Ben was at that time the most famous person in all A group of groups, where both men were believed to be famous men of the time.

General information about the London watch

General information about the London watch includes:

  • The Big Ben hourly rang every hour, and the sound of the ringing bell can be heard in it after a distance of up to 7.2 km.
  • The outer frame of the watch is made of cast iron, and the dial diameter is approximately 7 m.
  • The name bearing the clock was changed to Elizabeth Tower in 2012 AD, in honor of Queen Elizabeth II in her Diamond Jubilee.


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