What is the name of the capital of Belgium

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The city of Brussels (Bruxelles) It is the capital of Belgium, and it is considered the capital of the European Union, but it is unofficial, and this name was given to it because of the many headquarters of the Union such as the Council of the European Union, the European Commission, the Cabinet, and Brooks extends over an area of ​​32 square kilometers, and the population of this city is estimated at one million people and more than that .

Sections of Brussels

Brockle is divided into seven administrative regions, namely:

  • Brussels – Haren (Brussel – Haren).
  • BRUSSELS – NEEDER – OVER – HEMPIECE (Brüssel – Neder – Over – Heembeek).
  • Brussels – however (Brüssel – Laeken).
  • Brussels – Pentagon (Brüssel – Quartier Louise).
  • Brussels – Espace – Nord (Brüssel – Espace Nord).
  • Brussels – Brüssel – Quartier – Louise.
  • Brussels – Nord – Est (Brüssel – Nord – Est).

Landmarks of Brussels

The most important monuments in the city of Brussels is the Grand Place i.e. the Grand Square, which was built on the building of the Church of St. Michael and the Municipality of Brussels, and also there is the building of the Atomium located in a region but, and was built for the exhibition that was held in Brooks in 1958 and is the International Expo, It is known that it would have been removed immediately upon the completion of the exhibition, but that it was preserved until today to become a major landmark in Brussels.

Arts in Brussels

The city of Brussels is interested in arts and therefore we find many theaters in it, the most famous of which is the theater de la Monet, and it also offers opera performances, and the city of Brussels is known as the city of cartoons known as cartoons, and it is also famous for its beer.

Education in Brussels

The city of Brussels is interested in education, as it has many international universities that are known for their high level, among which I mention: (Free University of Brussels, University of Freill, Brussels, Catholic University of Louvain, Catholic University of Saint Louis, University College of Saint Louis, Royal Military Academy …) and others.

Industry in Brussels

The most important thing that is made in this city is the Volkswagen car that has international fame, and also plays an important role in making the city of Brussels an important economic center in the European continent, and it is reported that the city of Brussels has 3 cities that has become sisterhood with it, which is the city of Atlanta, which is located in the United States of America , Kiev, Ukraine, and Beijing, China.


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