What is the name of the capital of Finland

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Helsinki is the capital of Finland and its largest city HelsinkiIt is located in the southern part of Finland within the region of Uusimaa, specifically the banks of the Baltic Sea in the Gulf of Finland, and is the most distant city for the capitals of the members of the European Union, and it is considered a very important regional city in northern Europe and the Baltic Sea. The city of Helsinki has important relations with both the Swedish city of Stockholm and the Estonian and Russian city of Tallinn, the city of Petersburg, as these cities are close to it, and the population of the city of Helsinki is approximately 616,042 people, which makes it one of the largest Finnish cities. Helsinki is a vibrant city, and its heartbeat does not stop.

Economy of Helsinki

This city is considered a major political, cultural and educational center, where studies have confirmed that the percentage of companies operating in Finland, foreign of which is 70%, is present in the city of Helsinki, and Helsinki was chosen by the International Council of Industrial Design Associations as the capital of international design for the year 2012, and she won against the candidate with her Dutch city Eindhoven.

Helsinki monuments

The city of Helsinki is famous for its many and varied museums, as it has its National Museum known as the National Museum of Finland, which includes many prehistoric monuments, so this museum will be one of the largest museums in this city, and it was built in the form of a castle but it is modern and takes a romantic character, There is also a historical museum called the Helsinki City Museum, where this museum is concerned with the history of the city during 550 years. There is also a museum of the University of Helsinki in which there are many historical exhibits, and there are three museums within the Helsinki National Gallery: the Athenaeum Museum for Finnish Classical Art, and the Kyas Museum A specialist with modern art, the Museum of European art specialist Sinnibrischof classic.

Helsinki city culture

Helsinki interested in culture in general and art in particular, to find important theaters in it: the Finnish National Theater, the Swedish Svenska Theater, the Helsinki City Theater, in addition to its interest in music. Large hockey is available in the city, and Helsinki is Finland’s largest important exhibition center.

There are many world-famous festivals held in the city of Helsinki, where the Helsinki Festival, which takes place annually in August, is known for culture and arts, and in winter the most important annual festival is the Falun Voimat Festival, in addition to a carnival that is held annually also called the Fabo Festival which is special for workers And students. It has many famous bands in Europe and the world, and has won a lot of fame and awards, including: The Ra Samus, Ventrol, Hanoi Roxohem, Apocalyptica, Nintersen, and Stratovarius.


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