What is the name of the capital of Ghana

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The capital of Ghana

Accra is the capital of the Republic of Ghana, located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and it is one of the most crowded cities, with a population of approximately 1,963,264 people, the city area is about 173 square kilometers, and is also famous for many ancient castles that It dates back to many of the empires that ruled the city.

Geography of the city of Accra

Accra is located on the Gulf of Guinea, which connects to the Atlantic Ocean. Part of the city is located on a slope of 8-12 meters in height, and it spreads northward on the crumbling Accra plains. The city is famous for its exposure to intermittent earthquakes. Accra is divided into four neighborhoods, which are: Central Accra, Accra North, East Accra, and West Accra. Accra is the cultural and administrative center of the city. Accra also has many major attractions including the National Museum and Accra Sports Stadium.

History of the capital, Accra

Accra is home to three different settlements in which it was built in the past: Owusu, Jamestown and Ushertown. Accra has grown around these settlements, and has served as the capital of the Gold Coast. Gold Coast) British between the year 1877 AD and the year 1957 AD, and this colonial period is reflected through the architecture of the city, as it contains many buildings dating back to the nineteenth century, and modern skyscrapers, and railways were also built in the city of Kumasi. In the year 1908 AD, these railways contributed to connecting the city to the city Ornament-producing interior areas of cocoa, the country gained its independence in 1957, and continued Accra being the legitimate capital of the State of the newly independent Ghana.

Attractions in Accra

There are many tourist areas that can be visited in the city of Accra, the most important of which are the following:

  • Jamestown: Jamestown grew up as a separate community around the British James Fort in the seventeenth century, and has grown in harmony with the city of Accra. This town is now classified as one of the most famous neighborhoods filled with beautiful colonial buildings, and houses containing iron cottages Vibrant, you can also visit the busy fishing port, and climb up the white lighthouse, to enjoy a wonderful view of the city.
  • Makola Market: The Makula Market is considered one of the most famous markets in the city of Accra, where it is located on the sidewalks of the city, and this market is filled with street vendors with a wide variety of foods, clothes, and used shoes.
  • Independence Square: The Independence Square includes an empty square, and a huge arch standing above the flame symbolizing African liberation, which was lit by former President Kwame Nkrumah, and this torch is lit in private celebrations.


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