What is the name of the capital of Kuwait

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The capital of Kuwait

Then, Kuwait City is the capital of the Kuwaiti state and the largest city in it. Kuwait is located at Ras Agouza and Ras Al Abyad near the Persian Gulf. Forward, how much north does it find John Kuwait?

Kuwait City areas

The most important areas in Kuwait is the Salmiya region on the southern side and Shuwaikh on the western side, and Shuwaikh represents the main port of Kuwait and is considered one of the most important ports in the Gulf, and this does not cancel the existence of other ports such as Abdullah and Al-Shuaiba port where rich oil fields and refineries and export factories exist. Kuwait has a large number that exceeds 34 of the factories and productive companies, as well as the factories that filter and desalinate water for pumping, and looking at the east side of Kuwait you find the tourist island of Failaka to see in it a number of Greek monuments, of these monuments are the head of Alexander and the statue of Aphrodite, otherwise Besides that is the international airport that connects it to the different capitals of the world.

Kuwait City features

Kuwait City includes the National Museum, which thrives on various artifacts and monuments, and also includes the Center for Islamic Medicine, which is one of the most modern medical centers in the world and focuses in its treatment on medicines derived from plants, and its outstanding water tanks cannot be neglected when we talk about Kuwait’s landmarks, which Known as the towers, and they were built according to the latest engineering methods taking into account the architecture, and 50 tons of vacuum aluminum were used in building these towers, and they were supported by internal bridges and the number of three towers: the smaller is used for lighting, and the middle was placed a ball in the middle that is used as a water tank, And the biggest wa Those with a height of 187 meters are two balls, the bottom is the largest balls, the upper half of which is used as a restaurant and lounge for rest and the bottom half is used as a water tank.

The most important mosques in Kuwait City

There are a number of modern and archaeological mosques in Kuwait, including the Bishop and Al Qatami Mosque, as well as the Great Souk Mosque and the Nahed Mosque, and they are numerous, as I wanted to count them as they could not be mentioned without mentioning the Al Sarhan Mosque, the Khaled Mosque with the minaret and the pear top, where each of these mosques is part of civilization Renewed history and lived religious life, not less than the importance of the Khalifa Mosque and Saeed Mosque, which is characterized by a minaret with a short body and do not forget to mention the Great Mosque of the State, which was established in 1406 AH / 1986 AD and is one of the most beautiful mosques in Kuwait, and its area is estimated at 45 thousand square meters, and witnesses The above mentioned In the mosques of the religious city of life lived for her children.


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