What is the name of the capital of Libya?

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The capital of Libya

Tripoli is the capital of Libya, as it is located in the northwest of Libya and along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and it is the largest city and a major port in the country. Tripoli is also classified as a large coastal oasis. Olives, vegetables, citrus fruits, tobacco and grains are cultivated there, and it is home to many One of the canning factories, and among the most famous industries that take place in Tripoli, tanning, cigarettes, and carpets, in addition to being an important shipping center, because it has a nearby international port and airport.

Information about the city of Tripoli

Tripoli is located in Libya, at latitude 32.88 and longitude 13.19, as it rises to approximately 21 meters above sea level, and the city’s population is approximately 1,160,918 people according to statistics in 2020 AD, and Tripoli is considered a center for banking, finance, and communications in the country, It is also a pioneer in the field of business, and it has become a popular tourist attraction, and thus it is expected that the population of Tripoli will continue to grow, as it attracts more migrants.

History of the city of Tripoli

Tripoli is a Phoenician city that was established in the seventh century BC, and was chosen by the Phoenicians because of its strategic location, because it is a natural port that facilitated their trade, and after a period of the Phoenicians rule for Tripoli, the city was controlled by the Greeks, then by the Carthaginians, then its rule The Romans, and after the collapse of the Roman Empire, the economic fortunes of the city were greatly reduced, then the Muslims took control of the city in 643 AD, and it was ruled by many Muslim dynasties including the Fatimids and Mohallabis.
Tripoli fell later in the hands of the Spaniards, then in the hands of the Knights of Malta, and the rule of the Maltese ended after the Ottomans surrounded and controlled the city, then Libya gained independence in 1951 AD, and Tripoli became the official capital of the country.

Tourist attractions in the city of Tripoli

The city of Tripoli is one of the historical cities that possesses many tourist attractions that can be identified, the most famous of which are:

  • Arch of Marcus Aurelius: Arch of Marcus Aurelius was built in 163 AD and is a well preserved archaeological remains dating back to the Roman era.
  • The Red Saraya Museum: The As-Sarraya al-Hamra Museum is a vast complex of palaces and gardens built in the Ottoman period, where this complex is famous for classical statues and beautiful fountains.
  • Girgi Mosque: The Gurgi mosque was built in 1833 AD, and it is the last Ottoman mosque to be built in Libya, and is famous for Turkish tiles, Moroccan plaster, and Roman columns.


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