What is the name of the capital of Qatar?

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Doha is the capital of Qatar

Doha is the Qatari capital, as it is the commercial center and the largest city in Qatar. It is located on the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula and on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, and is located in the eastern eastern part of Qatar, and its astronomical location is located between latitude 25.28 degrees and longitude 51.52 degrees, and lives in This city and its surrounding suburbs are approximately 60% of the country’s population, and it sits on an area of ​​132.1 square kilometers.

Doha Economy

The revenues of oil and natural gas in Doha contribute significantly to the economic growth of the country, as the Qatari capital has oil and natural gas reserves, and is considered a home to Qatar oil and gas companies, in addition to the initiative of the Qatari government in opening many areas to develop the country’s economy, as an airport was built Doha International Airport, now known as Hamad International Airport, in order to encourage tourism activities in the city.

Doha climate

Doha has a hot desert climate, as the city experiences a dry and temperate climate during the winter season, and this climate extends from October to April, and temperatures in this season reach 21 degrees Celsius, and the precipitation is minimal, while the summer season, which extends From May to September with humidity, temperatures rise to about 38 degrees Celsius, in addition to rain.

General information about Doha

There are many information related to the city of Doha, including the following:

  • Doha is the country’s economic center.
  • Doha was home to the Asian Games in 2006, the Asian Nations Cup in football in 2011, and will be the host of the World Cup in 2022.
  • Expatriates represent the majority of the population of the Qatari capital, especially those expatriates from European countries, Asian countries, America, and Middle Eastern countries, while Qataris represent minorities in the capital.
  • The founding of Doha dates back to the 1820s.
  • Due to the shallow waters and the availability of marine coral reefs, the city is an important local port.

Tourist places in Doha

Doha hosts many tourist places, including the following:

  • Clock Tower Square.
  • market.
  • Government building, which was built on reclaimed waterfront land.
  • Islamic art museum.
  • Doha International Airport, which is located in the southeastern part of the city.
  • Doha Castle, which contains the best traditional handicrafts in Qatar, as well as the presence of many wooden ornaments.
  • The Great Mosque.
  • Sandy beaches, water sports, golf, camel racing, and horse racing.
  • Al Maha Reserve.


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