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Singapore is the capital of the State of Singapore

Singapore The city is the capital of the Republic of Singapore, located in the southern part of the island of Singapore on the strait between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, thanks to that it owns the largest port in Southeast Asia, and is one of the largest commercial centers in the world, and the state flag consists of two parts, the section The upper, which is a red ribbon with a crescent on the side of the crane, with five white stars, and the second section, a white ribbon on the bottom.

Facts about Singapore

There are some general facts about the city of Singapore:

  • Singapore, the capital, is the largest city in Singapore, with a population of 3,547,809 people.
  • Singapore is called the lion city, although lions are unlikely to be present in that area, and the lion seen is believed to be nothing but a tiger.
  • Singapore is famous for its thriving economy, its strict law and order system, and its judicial system is a relatively simple system, consisting of a Supreme Court, an Appeals Court, and several types of commercial courts.
  • Singapore has an important port, and it is one of the busiest ports in the world.
  • Famous for its many parks and tree-lined streets, Singapore offers tourists a sneak peek into the cultures they have brought in from immigrants from all over Asia.
  • The Chinese make up the majority of Singapore’s population, along with substantial minorities of Malay and Indians.
  • Notable buildings in Singapore include the Victoria Theater, Memorial Hall, Raffles Hotel, Supreme Court, City Hall, Sri Mariaman Temple and Singapore Polytechnic.

Description of the city of Singapore

The old city stretches to the north and east of the port area and is characterized by its low hills, while the original settlement is located north of the Singapore River and is the heart of the city, which is the main place for commercial buildings, government buildings, public buildings, and the St. Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral. Modern residential buildings have boycotted some cultural enclaves in the city And, especially Chinatown, the tin smelting business, pineapple canning plants, rubber plants, oil refineries and sawmills are also popular in the city.

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