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Somalia was formerly called the Democratic Republic of Somalia, and its capital is Mogadishu. Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa region in eastern Africa, and on the north it is bordered by Djibouti, and on the southwest by Kenya, and on the north by the Gulf of Aden, and on the east by the Indian Ocean, on the west by Ethiopia, and in Somalia The longest maritime borders on the continent of Africa, as well as the diversity of its terrain; such as plains, plateaus, and mountainous highlands, and hot desert climate prevails throughout the year with monsoons and irregular rains.

The capital, Mogadishu

Mogadishu or Mogadishu is the capital of Somalia, and one of the largest cities in it, and the city of Mogadishu is located in the western coast of the Indian Ocean, and the city has been a commercial center since ancient times, as it is the crossroads of many maritime navigation as it is located in the middle between the Indian subcontinent and Europe On the one hand, before the construction of the Suez Canal, the African coast and the Arabian Peninsula, on the other hand, there is also an international airport called Adam Adi International Airport located in the south of the city.

Climate of Mogadishu

The city is dominated by a dry climate, and the temperature in the city is about twenty-seven degrees Celsius, while the temperature rises in the month of April to reach thirty-two degrees Celsius, and the temperature reaches its lowest levels in January, February, July and September, August and December, where the temperature reaches around twenty-three degrees Celsius, and the amount of rainfall in Mogadishu does not exceed 399 mm per year by 33 mm per month, and the humidity is 75%.

Administrative divisions in Mogadishu

The city of Mogadishu is located in the Banadir region, and it is an administrative region in southeastern Somalia. The city of Mogadishu is divided into seventeen provinces, which are:

  • Abdulaziz Province.
  • Hilliwa County.
  • Hall County and Dag.
  • Druckenley County.
  • Wa Berry County.
  • Shangani Province.
  • Hamar Wayne County.
  • Wort District.
  • Pondiri County.
  • Diner County.
  • Khmer Province, Red.
  • Yaqshid District.
  • Hoodan County.
  • Karan County.
  • Shipies County.
  • Wagager County.
  • District as limit.

Mosques in the capital, Mogadishu

  • Hamroin Mosque, which was built in 630 AH.
  • Abdul Aziz Mosque.
  • Fakhr al-Din Mosque, which was built by its owner, Hajj Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Shirazi at the end of the month of Shaaban in the year 667 AH.
  • Four corner mosque, whose construction dates back to the middle of the seventh century AH.
  • Al-Hanaf Mosque, built by the Shirazi who ruled Mogadishu in the seventh century AH, in addition to that the italyns were demolished during their occuAl Bahahn of the Mogadishu of this mosque, and they built a restaurant in its place and called it the Savoy Bar.

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