What is the name of the capital of Venezuela

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The capital of Venezuela

It is the Venezuelan capital, called Caracas Caracas It is the largest city in it, and also one of the major cities in South America. Caracas, located in the northern region of the State of Venezuela, extends over an area of ​​1.930 square kilometers. It is located in a valley separated from the Caribbean Sea by very high mountains amounting to 7,400 feet.

Universities in the capital of Venezuela

There are many famous universities in Caracas, as this city supports and encourages science, as we find the first university that was built in Latin America, which dates back to 1721 AD, which is the Central University of Venezuela, where it was declared by UNESCO to be among the world heritage and that announcement was In the year 2000 AD, and also there is the University of Simon Bolivar with a scientific orientation where it is interested in all scientific professions as well as engineering, and we find in the University of Metropolitana, University of Jose Maria Varenas, University of Simon Rodriguez Experimental University, University of Santa Maria, University of Nueva Esparta.

Museums in the capital of Venezuela

There are many museums, theaters and markets in Caracas, and that is why it is considered the cultural capital of Venezuela. Many immigrants from Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Arabs in particular from the Middle East, China, and Germany immigrated to it. And the Children’s Museum, which specializes in teaching the child everything related to important matters of culture, technology, science and arts, and the Museum of Colonial Art This museum which includes many Venezuelan works during the period in which the colony was, such as furniture, fountains as well as patios, and the Museum of Medical Sciences We are aware of where we start skeletons in the beginning, in addition to the Raoul Santana Museum, the Transportation Museum, the Queen Museum, the Bolivarian Museum and many others, in addition to the large libraries where we find in its national library many books that represent important references and a source of information.

Water channels in the capital of Venezuela

There are water channels, and although they are many, they are small, and the Guayaer River is famous for crossing it to flow at the end of its journey in the Tai River and the latter flows into the El Ville and also San Pedro. The city has a middle class of living, and the way its food is predominantly oriental, due to the influence of Arab immigrants to it in the city’s way of life, but also there are many restaurants that prepare European and Asian cuisine, due to the migration of many of these countries to it.


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