What is the name of the Jordanian capital in the past?

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The old name for the Jordanian capital

The capital Amman was known by several names, as it was the capital of the Ammonites in the thirteenth century BC, and it was known as Rabbath Ammon, and then the name of the city was converted to Philadelphia by Ptolemy II, after the establishment of The Macedonian ruler established the rule of the Ptolemaic kingdom in Amman, and then the name of the city was changed to Amman after the rule of the caliphate in the city in 630 AD.

History of the city of Amman

The city of Amman has a special place in the history of Jordan, due to its importance as a capital, and a center for communications and trade, banking, industrial and cultural life, as it is a relatively new city, and the concentration of human gatherings in Amman in the small triple high plateau known as Jabal Al Qalaa was recently, There are fortified settlements in it since ancient times, dating back to the Stone Age or about 4000-3000 BC, and later the city became the capital of the Ammonites.

Circassians began settling the area in the 1870s with the encouragement of the Ottoman Empire, and the Circassian village in Amman developed and became an important commercial center, and this role was strengthened in 1905 AD by building the Hijaz railway line that arrived near Amman and five kilometers away And these roads contributed to connecting Amman, Damascus, Constantinople, and Hijaz, and the official role of the emerging city of Amman was established in 1921 AD when it was declared the capital by the President of the Hashemite Emirate Abdullah Bin Al Hussein.

The modern city of Amman

The city of Amman is currently considered the main commercial, financial, and international center in Jordan, as it includes royal palaces, government offices, and parliament. This city is also known for its production of many industries including food, tobacco, textiles, plastic, and paper products, And cement, in addition to that it includes many museums, libraries, and universities, and the most popular sites to visit in Amman are the old castle, the archaeological museum adjacent to it, and the Roman amphitheater as well.

Amman city

Amman is the capital of Jordan and the most populous city in the country, in addition to that it is one of the most independent cities at the level of individuals in the Arab world, and it is a favorite tourist destination for Arabs and Europeans, and this city is located on stepped hills at the eastern borders of the Ajloun Mountains, and near the Amman Valley and its tributaries According to statistics in 2020, the population of the city of Amman is 1,275,857 people.


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