What is the name of the longest bridge in the world?

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Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge in China

The Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge is the world’s longest bridge, with a length of 165 km. It is located in the State of China and is part of the high-speed railway between Beijing and Shanghai. The bridge passes through low rice fields, and across parts From the Yangtze River Delta, parts of it not exceeding a few kilometers in length through the open waters of Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou.

Establishment of Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge

The cost of constructing this bridge reached about 8.5 million US dollars, and it rises above the surface of the earth by a distance of 31 m. It was completed in 2010 after a period of work that lasted only four years, to start work in the following year, and about ten thousand workers participated in its construction. Mobile trains run through this bridge, built to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. More than 500,000 tons of steel and more than 2.5 million cubic meters of concrete were used in its construction.

Bang Na Bridge in Thailand

The Bang Na expressway is the longest dedicated car bridge in the world, and the seventh longest bridge in the world, and it is located in the State of Thailand, and the production of this huge bridge may require a large amount of concrete reaching 1,800,000 cubic meters, and the longest bridge has remained In the world until 2010 AD, and it opened on the seventh of February 2000, after five years of construction that started in 1995, and the cost of its construction amounted to one billion US dollars, and extends a distance of 55 km, and its width is 27.2 m, and it consists of six tracks, With three tracks in each direction, it was built to solve the problem of suffocating crises that Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has not suffered from. Several wat.


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