What is the name of the National Museum of Madrid?

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Prado Museum

Prado Museum is the Spanish National Museum of Painting and Sculpture, located in Madrid, where it is one of the most beautiful museums in Europe, and was designed for King Charles III in 1785 AD as a museum of natural history, and was opened in 1819 AD during the reign of His grandson, Fernando VII, where he included more than 1500 Spanish paintings, has been kept by the royal family, and remained called the Royal Museum until 1868 AD when it became a national monarchy.

History of the Prado Museum

The construction of the museum’s western wing was completed in 1785 AD, where it was designed based on the neoclassical style as a house of science, but it was later used as a barrack for equestrian soldiers in Napoleon’s forces during their occupation of Madrid during the period from 1808-1813 AD, and in 1814 AD the king decided Fernando VII used the palace as a museum, although his goal was to find a way to store hundreds of royal paintings that were filled with dust, as art in this era is considered a royal reserve, and after five years the museum was opened and displayed 311 Spanish paintings in it.

Museum’s collectibles

The Prado Museum’s holdings were ancient works of art collected by the Kings of Spain, then royal paintings were added to it by many kings, some of whom, like Philip IV, purchased paintings from Italy for the museum, and King Philip V added many French works to him, and in 1872 AD Adding many prominent paintings that belonged to the Spanish monasteries, and the museum contains many important works of teachers and artists, and in 1981 AD Pablo Picasso called Guernica was added to the collection of paintings in it, where works dating back to the nineteenth century AD Before him.


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