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Turkey is a contemporary, secular, Islamic country that originated on the ruins of the Ottoman Empire, and is located in the Middle East in a strategic location, where it connects the European and Asian continents, and is bordered to the south by Syria, Iraq, the Mediterranean, to the north, Georgia, the Black Sea, and to the West Greece, Bulgaria, the Aegean Sea, and from the east Iran and Armenia, with an area of ​​about 783,562 km², and a population of about 78.67,000 people based on the last official census in 2015, most of them are Muslims, and Turkish is the official language in the country.

Climate of Turkey

Coastal areas in Turkey overlooking the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea are distinguished by their mild, hot dry climate in summer, and cool wet in winter, while coastal areas overlooking the Black Sea are characterized by a warm and humid oceanic climate in summer, and cool and humid in winter, while coastal areas overlooking the Marmara Sea are distinguished by their hot climate Dry in summer, cold and wet in winter.

What is Turkey famous for?

  • The textile industry, as it ranked third globally in the export of textiles.
  • Manufacture of cars, electrical, chemicals, food, beverages and leather.
  • Its mineral wealth, such as: coal, lead, iron, copper, zinc, silver, and chrome.
  • It is famous for cultivating tea, cotton, tobacco, olives, citrus fruits, grapes, grains, barley, and hazelnuts.

Turkey’s most famous tourist cities

  • Istanbul: It is one of the largest cities in Turkey, and the most important tourist attraction centers in it, and is famous for many tourist attractions such as: Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and the Hagia Sophia Museum.
  • Bodrum City: A coastal city famous for its water tourism, boating, and seafood.
  • Antalya city: A coastal city where hotels and restaurants are common, and is characterized by the presence of waterfalls in it, such as: Dudan River Falls.
  • Hatay City: Known for making kunafa and spices.
  • Trabzon city: It is famous for cultivating nuts.
  • Gaziantep: It is famous for cultivating pistachios and making baklava.
  • Adana city: It is famous for making hot kebabs.
  • Ankara City: It is famous for producing wool and high-quality woolen clothing.
  • Aydin city: It is famous as a city of figs and olives.
  • City of Balik Asir: It is well known as the city of figs, and it is famous for producing Eran milk drink.

Turkey’s most famous tourist attractions

  • Sultan Ahmed mosque: It was established by Sultan Ahmed I in 1916 AD, and it is known as the Blue Mosque because its inner lining is blue.
  • The Hagia Sophia Museum: It is located opposite the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, built in 359 AD as an Orthodox church, and in the era of the Ottoman Empire it turned into a mosque, then into a museum in the year 1934 AD.
  • Sulaymaniyah Mosque: It was built in the year 1558 AD at the instigation of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent to the Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan.
  • Covered Market: Built in 1461 AD on an area of ​​more than 30,000 m², it is a gold, clothing and souvenir market.
  • Bosphorus Bridge: Its construction was completed in 1973, with a length of 1.510 m, a surface width of approximately 39 m, and it occupies the sixteenth place among the longest suspension bridges in the world.
  • Taksim Square: It is considered one of the most important and vital centers in Istanbul.

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