What religions are there in India

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Religions in India

India is considered one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world, as there are many religions, including: Hinduism, Islamic religion, Sikhism, and Christianity, in addition to the presence of Buddhist religion, whose followers constitute about 0.8%, and Jainism, and its followers represent 0.4% of the total population, as there are Indians who do not belong to any religion (without religion) and their percentage reaches 0.9% of the total Indians.


The Hindu religion is considered the most popular religion in India, where its followers represent about 80% of the total population, and it is one of the oldest religions in the world, and it appeared about 3500 years ago, and this religion is characterized by many different religious customs in performance and practice, and includes a number of Various philosophies and sects, and a group of deities, and this religion is referred to as the third largest in the world, because the number of its followers reaches one billion people, and about 966 million of them live in India.

Islamic religion

The Islamic religion is classified among the second largest religions of India, as its followers reach about 13% of the total population, and this religion reached India in the eighth century, and made a great contribution to improving the existing cultures in the country, and stimulated important traditions in the Arabic and Persian languages, and most Indians reside Muslims in the northern and western parts of India.


Christianity is considered one of the major religions in India, and about 2.3% of Indians believe it. This religion entered the country in the first century, at the hands of Christian missionary St. Thomas, and in the second century Christianity in India was strengthened by the coming of the Christian Jews, who are a people Canaanite (and in English: Knanaya) recognized in the country, and it is reported that Roman Catholicism arrived in India during the colonial period in 1498 AD, and in the early nineteenth century missionary activities increased, and Christians live in a wide range in western states such as Goa, and in the north-eastern regions such as Mizoram , OK It is in the south of the country.

Sikh religion

Sikh religion appeared for the first time in the Punjab region, about 400 years ago, and at the present time about 20.8 million Sikhs live in India, and most of them are located in the Punjab, which is the leading Sikh region in the world; it contains the inherited Sikh homes, and it should be noted that numbers A large number of them served in the Indian army, and the golden temple in Amritsar is the most famous and popular Sikh temple.


Buddhism is considered a religious minority in India, and it is reported that it was widespread in all parts of the Indian continent, and at the present time they are found only in the Himalayas, and their places of worship are known as temples, and there are many Buddhist temples in the country, including the Mahabodhi Temple in Bod Jaya, the most sacred place for Buddhists in the world.


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