What you wear on the beach in Dubai is something that visitors of beaches of different nationalities, especially non-Arab nationalities, should know because of the cultural openness of Dubai except that there are a lot of clothing rules that must be followed in public places of all kinds; and because the beaches are among the most places Many questions arise about what to wear during her visit, as Arab travelers dedicated the current article to answering the most important questions related to it.

What to wear on the beach in Dubai

Bikinis and swimsuits of all kinds are allowed to be worn on the beach, but be careful not to make the lower piece of swimwear too tight, too small, or stringy. It is preferable to choose one-piece swimwear or wear two-piece covering many parts of the body, noting the importance of avoiding sunbathing during the nudity of the trunk area as this is subject to falling under the jurisdiction of the UAE law.
Although going to shopping is one of the usual things for beachgoers in Dubai due to the presence of many distinctive shopping centers near the beaches, it warns going to swimwear to shopping centers, and it also warns to go to shopping centers with wet clothes, which means the necessity of replacing swimwear before going to shopping centers Or to any of the public places.
It is important to note here that there are many common matters in many cultures, but it is forbidden to do them according to Emirati law in public places of all kinds, including public beaches. Among the most prominent of these are kisses and hugs between the sexes. This also included holding hands. The importance of observing these rules is because their violation is subject to deportation or imprisonment for an average of up to a month.
You can learn about the rules of clothing in malls, mosques, hotels and workplaces in Dubai by reading the article (What are the rules of clothing in Dubai).
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