What you do not know about the islands of Madagascar

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It is the fourth largest island in the world.

– The population of 22 million people.
She remained under French rule for about 62 years, therefore French is the main language.
There are about 90% of wild animals and plants that are not found anywhere else in the world.
– She gained wide fame because the films took her out due to her charming beauty.

Madagascar does not know the four seasons of the year, like the rest of the places, but only has two seasons. One of them is a mild and dry object and starts from May to continue until the end of October. The other chapter is hot and rainy and starts from November and continues until April.
– In Madagascar there is a strange tree called the baobab tree and it is also called the flask or the inverted tree due to its distinctive shape. The stem diameter is about 10 meters and the height is 48 meters and it can store large quantities of water so that it can stay in the dry season.
Madagascar is one of the poorest African countries in spite of its charming beauty and frequent tourism.
– The island was discovered about 2000 years ago, but it lost about 80% of the natural forests due to man, from the worst information about Madagascar.
Geologists believe that it was part of India in the past and separated from it about 85 million years ago.
– It is called the forgotten island.
The capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo, and its official language is French and Malagasy.
Various groups such as Malay, African, Arab, French and Indonesian live on its soil.
It contains many coal mines, quartz and granite, as well as wonderful forests and nature reserves filled with wild animals and plants.
I found stone fossils that indicate that humans inhabited them two thousand years ago.
– King Radama I prohibited the foreign slave trade in it and allowed the missionary campaigns to set up schools in 1810 AD, France’s influence increased and Madagascar became its colony in 1896 and the revolution against the French erupted in 1947 AD by the Maritime leaders until it gained independence in 1960.
– Feliber Ziranaana is the first ruler of Madagascar and he was ousted after popular protests in 1972 AD and then the military assumed power.
– The city of Burnet is one of the most important areas in Madagascar and is characterized by its rare animals such as the Andrei animal, which is a large type of monkey and has a long humiliation, as it was established by the largest national park to attract tourists to see these wonderful animals.
– The city of Muramanga gained fame in Madagascar due to the availability of precious stones in it and the police museum.
– Isalo Park is one of the largest and most important natural parks in Madagascar, where high palm trees, valleys and slopes.
– The island of Nosy be is one of the most beautiful islands of Madagascar, lovers of comfort and enjoyment of natural beauty go to it, as well as the island of Ile Sainte Marie, where the fun water games such as swimming, diving and fishing trips to see the whales.
The system of government in Madagascar is a presidential republic.
Madagascar has an area of ​​more than 587 square kilometers, and is characterized by a variety of terrain, including mountain ranges, hills, valleys, rivers and beaches.
The Ambinalana channel is used for maritime navigation in Madagascar.
The prevailing climate is wet and warm most of the time, especially in the northern regions, while the southern regions tend to be heat and drought.
– Central Madagascar abounds with heights that reach a height of 610-1200 meters above sea level.
Agriculture is one of the most important sources of income in addition to fishing, forests and, of course, tourism.
The percentage of educated population over the age of 15 is about 64.7%.
– The unemployment rate between the ages of 15-24 years is about 2.5%.
He started teaching English in schools in 2003.


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