What you do not know about the Swiss Rhine Falls

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What you do not know about the Swiss Rhine Falls - What you do not know about the Swiss Rhine Falls

How to create Rhine Falls:
Many years ago during the Ice Age, there were many tectonic transformations that led to the retention of the River Rhine to become a new course, and after that a new transitional stage emerged from the transformation of the chalky solid material of the stream into fine gravel and then a rush of cubes from the water to the depths, and in the middle a huge rock remained To resist all the factors of nature throughout those years, which have become today a tourist attraction to which people from all countries of the world come, and the width of the Rhine waterfalls is 150 meters and its height is 23 meters. It recorded the highest measurement of water flow in 1965, reaching 1,250 cubic meters per second.
Travel to the Rhine Falls:
If you arrive in the Swiss capital (Zurich) then you are only forty minutes away from the waterfalls, either you go by car or take one of the trains from the capital and then get off at the (Schaffhausen) station, then take the bus number one or number two, which will lead you to the region (Neuhausen ) Within ten minutes, which is the region where the Rhine Falls are located and can be seen from any angle, not only this, but its shape differs from every angle you look at it, for example if you look at it from the side of the bridge that connects the two sides of the waterfall you will be surprised to see the whole waterfalls And full of horror.


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