When the Greenwich Watch was created

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Greenwich Town

Greenwich is located in the southeastern part of the British capital, London. The town occupies a large area of ​​Greater London and joins the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The town gained great importance in the times that followed its choice of “zero time” globally, and it is arranged according to that time in All cities of the world in relation to its distance from it; it is worth noting that the reason for choosing this is because the islands lie above the Greenwich line around the clock without change, in addition to being unoccupied, and what distinguishes this region is its location below the distinctive curvature of the River Thames, in addition to its division as a result Greenwich line passage which is p Decree black line on the ground; the city is divided into half of the east and another west.
Starting from the idea of ​​the Greenwich Line, the idea of ​​Greenwich Watch came as it is a global standard that measures the timing of time and the differences between cities on the basis of it according to its proximity and distance from the line, and this watch is a compass for calculating the time difference.

Greenwich hour

Greenwich Hour is the time scale based on the Earth’s rotation around itself within one day, according to the longitude that divides the British town of Greenwich, and this time scale depends on a reference point for the timing. It is worth noting that global systems have taken Greenwich time as a time scale from scratch, and to calculate the time in the cities of the world, all cities located in the eastern part of the line are calculated as their time (+), while the western cities of the line are calculated their time as (-).

Greenwich construction dates back to 1883 AD, when a global agreement was concluded on that, given the passage of the zero or zero time line from the city, especially the Royal Astronomical Institute, and based on the foregoing, the line was considered a reference, so the globe is divided longitudinally into 360 virtual lines, a polar grouping Ground together.

Calculate the time difference

Longitude needs a period of approximately 4 minutes to replace the line of the other’s place when entering the Earth with its rotation stage around itself. This, and the Earth’s rotation around itself needs to be the number 1440 minutes is the product of the sum of the minutes on its day of rotation, which is the product of 4 * 360, and examples are Therefore: If the time is in Dubai at 4:00 pm, then this indicates that the time is in Greenwich or according to Greenwich Mean Time is 12 noon, where it is added to the time 4 hours.

It must be noted that the time zone is one of the sections in the globe; it is subject to one timezone, and the time zones are subjected to linear division in parallel with the poles of the globe; where they start from the north pole and end with the south pole, so that the poles of the earth do not belong to any time zone They are subject to world time.


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