When were the pyramids built?

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When were the pyramids built?

Although there is no evidence of modern technologies that indicate the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids thousands of years ago, the three pyramids of the Giza region are still witnesses to this, which is the pyramid of the pharaoh Khufu, the pharaoh Khafra and the pharaoh is meek, and many scientists have tried to decipher the mysteries of those pyramids and try to reveal how It was built in it, and during the past two decades there have been many discoveries and studies that led researchers to draw a clear picture of those giant monuments.
The largest of these three pyramids is called the pyramids of Khufu, which dates back to 2,551 BC. The height is about 138 meters. It is called the Great Pyramid and is considered one of the wonders of the world according to historians. As for the pyramid of Pharaoh Khafra, which dates back to 2,520 BC, it remains smaller A little from the pyramid of Khufu, but it is built on a high ground from it, and many researchers believe in the fact that the Sphinx monument located near the pyramid of Khafra was built by Khafra and that the sculpted face attached to it was carved after his reign, and the third of those pyramids is the pyramids of the Pharaoh Invasive, which is 2,490 years old before miles D is considered the smallest of these pyramids and has a height of 65 meters.

The oldest pyramids in the world

The mention of the pyramids is related to the ancient Egyptian civilization that immortalized its leaders by building these temples (pyramids), and despite that connection and the association of the Egyptians with building the first pyramids on the face of the earth there are other ancient civilizations that built similar pyramids in principle to those in Egypt, so the civilization of a country Between the two rivers she built pyramids that were called ziggurats, and here we show the most prominent ancient pyramids in different locations:

  • An invaded pyramid in the Giza region of Egypt, built 2,409 BC.
  • The Pyramid of Khafra in the Giza area in Egypt, was built 2,520 years BC.
  • The Great Pyramid in the Giza area in Egypt, was built before 2,580-2,560 BC.
  • The Red Pyramid in the area of ​​modern South Cairo in Egypt, was built before 2,600 BC.
  • The Pyramid of Bent in the area of ​​modern South Cairo in Egypt, was built before 2,600 BC.
  • The Pyramid of Meidum in the area of ​​modern South Cairo in Egypt, was built before 2,600 BC.
  • The Pyramid of Karal in the Karal Region of Peru, it was built before 2,627 BC.
  • The Pyramid of Zoser, in the northwest area of ​​Memphis, Egypt, was built before 2,667-2,648 BC.

Information about the country of the pyramids

Egypt is considered one of the North African countries on the shores of the Mediterranean and is home to one of the oldest civilizations on earth. Its name came from the Greek origins “Aegyptos” which was pronounced in the Greek language as (Hot-ka-pattah) which is the original name for the city of Memphis Which was the first capital of Egypt due to its commercial and religious importance at the time, but the ancient Egyptians were divided they called it Kemet Kemet Which means black land due to the extent of the richness of the soil and its fertility due to its occurrence next to the Nile River, and later it was called “Egypt” which means the state.


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