Where are Hafar Al-Batin?

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Hafr Al-Batin

Hafar Al-Batin is considered one of the governorates of the Eastern Province in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is located in the northeast of Saudi Arabia. Its area is approximately (144) square kilometers. A distance of about (500) square kilometers from the city of Riyadh (the Saudi capital), and the population of the province is about (271,642) people according to statistics of (1431) Hijri, in which the King Khalid Military City is located, which is about (70) kilometers to the south.

A brief history about it

In the first century of migration, Hafar Al-Batin was merely a road in the desert between the Hejaz and Iraq through which pilgrims pass, and people complained of the lack of water in it, so the matter reached to Abu Musa Al-Ashari, who was the Commander of the Faithful at that time, and he dug several wells in the area between the area of ​​the fences and Basra; As the number of wells at the beginning was (5) wells in the year 17 of the migration, then the number of wells increased until they reached (70) wells in a limited area, which made these wells one of the most famous Arab waters, but according to what was stated in the “geographical dictionary” that these The wells have decreased in number until they reach (40) wells, (10) of which are suitable for drinking.

Its climate

The climate of Hafar Al-Batin is characterized by being generally volatile. In the summer, it is dry and very hot, with temperatures ranging between (35-55) degrees, dominated by sandstorms, while in winter, its weather is very cold, and in the spring, its weather is moderate and falls. There is rain and the weather is beautiful, as it is considered the best weather in the Gulf during that period, so they call it “the capital of spring”.

Administrative divisions

Hafar Al-Batin Governorate is divided into villages and centers as follows:

Eastern regions

  • Qaisumah, about 15 km away from it.
  • Al-Sadawi is 80 km away from it.
  • Soban is 120 km away.
  • Al-Sirah is 16 km away.

Western regions

  • Al-Safiri, 17 kilometers away.
  • Al-Qalat village, about 65 km away from it.
  • Al-Nadeem is 80 km away from it.

Southern regions

  • Or ten and is (150) kilometers.
  • Umm Qalib, and is 70 km away from the center of the governorate.
  • Dhebia and away from it (55) kilometers.
  • Al-Maziha, and it is 80 km away from it.

Northern regions

  • Fecal, and is (103) kilometers.
  • Al-Fao village, 40 km away.
  • Umm Rqeeba, and is 150 km north.
  • Hira, away from Hafar Al-Batin (111) km.
  • Nayfeh, it is 80 kilometers away.
  • Khabira Village, 144 kilometers away
  • Samodeh village, which is the most distant village by about 195 km.
  • Other villages: Al-Manakh, Umm Kaddad, Hamati, Shifa, Burqai and Hammam.

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