Where are Moses’ eyes?

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Moses eyes in Egypt

Moses’ eyes are located in Egypt, and is 5 kilometers away from the Sinai. These eyes are distinguished by the dense palm trees that surround it from every hump and green, and its water rich in sulfur, and other mineral elements, such as sodium, which is one of the important elements; it helps heal wounds Also, Musa’s eyes water contains magnesium, one of the elements used to treat vitiligo and psoriasis problems.

Moses eyes in Jordan

Moses’ eyes are located in Jordan, specifically in the Madaba governorate, and the region is located at the foot of Wadi Suhaik, and this valley is 150 meters below sea level, and the eyes are surrounded by high-rise, dark mountains, and the eyes and waterfalls flow through the cracks of rocks, and these eyes are considered one of the The most important tourist areas in Jordan, and its land is characterized by fertile, semi-Ghori, and its climate is mild in the winter, and very hot in the summer, and the eyes of Moses contain more than 6 Byzantine churches, and relics of ancient palaces, and at the present time olive trees are planted in the region, Grapes, pomegranates, and multiple varieties of fruits.

The importance of Jordanian eyes, Moses

The Jordanian eyes of Musa are famous for the arrival of tourists to it, as people visit them for their different religions and beliefs, and it is worth mentioning that these eyes are a shrine for the people and people of the Madaba governorate, as well as other provinces, and it is frequently visited on Fridays, for the sake of entertainment and enjoyment in the springs and waterfalls of the eyes, and the cave The hot and cold water descends from its slopes, and visitors are most welcome to swim in the area and stand on the waterfall of Laayoune.

The importance of Egyptian Moses eyes

Musa’s eyes are considered to be one of the eyes that God Almighty blew up to his Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, during his exit from Egypt via Sinai, and the region contains four eyes, and its medical importance is in its therapeutic ability, as it can help treat arthritis, rheumatism, and fibrous inflammation, Muscular, chronic gout, rheumatoid, and bacillus, as well as relaxing the muscles of the body, where functional neurological diseases, and many respiratory and skin diseases are treated, and for this therapeutic and environmental importance a tourist spa was created, and it was called the Pharaoh Spa.


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