Where are the beaches of Al-Khobar?

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Beaches of Al-Khobar

Al-Khobar is considered one of the most important and beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia, which is located specifically in the northern part of it, 17 kilometers to the south of the city of Dammam, as it is surrounded by the city of Dhahran about ten kilometers away, and the city of Khobar is one of the most important industrial cities; It produces huge quantities of oil, which led to its prosperity, industrial and commercial development, to make its beaches one of the most important beaches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Its history

Initially, the news was a small village inhabited by a few people from the village or tribe of Al-Dawasir, and that was specifically in the year 1935 AD, but it began to turn into a city when drilling and oil search operations began, becoming one of the most organized and arranged cities in the Kingdom.

Call it

The reason for naming the city of Khobar with this name is not known to this day, except that some people see that its name is taken from the word Khubrah, which means the place where water collects, specifically the waters of torrential rain and rain, while others see that its name is related to the tree of Sidr and Arak, which is frequently cultivated In this city.

Its population

This city is distinguished by the fact that it is inhabited by a large percentage of non-Saudis, so they constitute 56% of the total population as a result of its great activity and the availability of business opportunities in it, which relate to medicine, engineering and business management, and among the most important companies in it are related to the oil and petroleum industries, in addition to tourism business As a result of its location, beauty and beaches.

the climate

The climate in it and its beaches is characterized by being hot and dry during the summer so that temperatures reach fifty degrees Celsius, and it is moderate during the winter, so that it reaches fifteen degrees Celsius, while its humidity reaches 83% in the summer, and 48% in the season Winter, and the amount of rain reaches about eighty-five millimeters during one year.

The economic activity

The economic activity depends on the trade and cultivation of some types of crops such as vegetables and fruits, in addition to some industries such as building materials and the manufacture of clothes, and both water and industrial gases, and its economy is common between Dhahran and Dammam as well.

As for tourism, it is active and attracts a large number of tourists, as its beaches include many hotels, parks and games halls, in addition to various types of important tourist facilities, in addition to Al Khobar Beach which is the main beach in it, there is also Al Aziziyah Beach and Sunset Beach.


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