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Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii islands (English: Hawaii); it is one of the American states, and it consists of about 132 islands, and it is not located within the land lands of North America, and its location is in the central region of the northern Pacific, and the city of Honolulu is the official capital of it, and the largest city among its cities . Hawaii is one of the islands famous for the beauty of its natural regions, and characterized by its mild climate, which contributed to encouraging many tourists to visit it from all countries of the world.

Hawaiian Geography

The geographical area of ​​Hawaii reaches 16,760 km², and is considered a diverse region and terrain, due to the diversity of the nature of the islands that compose it, which led to its geographical division into three groups, namely:

  • The first group: It is the main group of islands on the southeastern side, and contains eight islands.
  • the second group: It is a group of small islands in the central region, and contains rocky islands.
  • The third group: It is the group of islands located in the northwestern region, and it contains sandy and coral islands.

Most of the Hawaiian Islands emerged as a result of volcanic activity emanating from the ocean, and the private beaches in the first group islands are white sand, so they differ from the beaches of the second and third groups of black sand islands, with the spread of each of the volcanic rocks, and high slopes on its lands, and also shared by many trees Plants are among the regions where there are many soils and rains. Hawaii is distinguished by the quality of its plants, which are not similar to any region in the world, and only a small number of rare and wild animals are spread on its soil.

Climate in Hawaii

The Hawaiian climate is cold and affected by commercial winds. Typically, average temperatures in Honolulu reach 22 degrees Celsius in February, while in August the average temperature reaches 27 degrees Celsius, and wind speeds are equivalent to 11.3 Miles per hour, and the highest temperature reached 38 degrees Celsius in 1931 AD, while the lowest temperature reached -11 degrees Celsius in 1979 AD.
Rainfall in Hawaii is varied, and large quantities of it fall when the northeast wind blows. As for heavy rains, it falls on the highlands. Mount Wailel is one of the most rain-fed areas with an average rate of 1234 cm, while the average precipitation in Honolulu reached 46.5 cm in the time period between the years 1971 AD – 2000 AD, and snow falls on the mountain peaks.

Population of Hawaii

The estimated number of Hawaiian residents, according to statistics in 2016, is 1,428,557 people. Most humanities scholars believe that the origins of most of the population belong to the Polynesians, who migrated from the northwestern side of the Marquis Islands, in the time period between the fourth and seventh centuries AD, and also form a group of the population Immigrants from Tahiti, who arrived in Hawaii between the ninth and tenth centuries CE.
With the arrival of large numbers of peoples and tribes to Hawaii this led to the emergence of the use of boats as a means of transport, and traditional shipping methods indicate that Hawaii was not isolated from people as it was believed, but rather had contact with the Polynesian regions, and the result was the emergence of culture and a special language In the Hawaiian community, which is very similar to the characteristics of Polynesians.
James James Cook was the first foreigner to arrive in the Hawaiian Islands in 1778 AD, which later led to the arrival of many explorers from Europe and America to the islands lands, and this greatly affected the Hawaiian community and infectious diseases spread, which led to the killing of many of the islanders, and with Over time, the prevailing culture in society changed, as the population began to be influenced by British English culture, and thus the spread of Christianity among them with the arrival of American missionaries in the year 1820 AD, and in the nineteenth century AD, the society in Hawaii was Christian, and formed a mixture of Europeans and Americans.
The English and Hawaiian (traditional) languages ​​are the two official languages ​​in Hawaii, with the disappearance of the traditional language gradually, until the number of speakers of it has become very little, and at the present time most of the population uses the English language in their local dialect, and it is called Hawaiian Creole which is one of Simple languages. Education in Hawaii is relatively advanced, and starts from kindergarten through to postgraduate studies.

Tourist attractions in Hawaii

There are a number of famous tourist attractions in the Hawaiian Islands, including:

  • USS Arizona Memorial: It is a memorial to a group of men numbering more than 1000 men, who died during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in America, while the design of the monument is a long structure, and in the middle is part of a sunken warship, and its foundation dates back to the 1950’s by the engineer Alfred Press contains a cinema, theater and restaurants, and is visited by many people.
  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: It is one of the parks in Hawaii, and it contains volcanic activity dating back to 70 million years. This park is one of the largest tourist destinations, and there are two volcanoes that are classified as one of the largest active volcanoes in the world, as well as a natural reserve for wild animals, and plants found only in the Hawaiian Islands , Which adapted to the surrounding volcanic nature, and in 1987 the park was classified as one of the World Heritage sites, and it is the only site in Hawaii that can be reached on foot, or by riding the stairs.
  • Bailey House Museum: It is a museum belonging to the last king of the Maoist, and the viewer of this museum and the contemplative know a collection of information, and stories about the Maoists who lived in that region, and displays many artifacts, paintings and handicrafts.

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