Where are the islands of Bali located?

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Bali Islands is considered one of the most beautiful eight hundred islands in the Asian Islamic state of Indonesia, specifically in the southwestern region of the Lesser Sunda Islands, and is bordered to the west by an area called Gaura and to the east is another area called Plumboc, and its capital is called Denpasar, which is located specifically in the southern region of the island .

Featured places in Bali

These islands are distinguished by a set of features such as its strategic location and the natural landscapes that are represented in the interlocking forests and tall trees in addition to its sunny and temperate climate, and the presence of a group of picturesque beaches that extend through it in addition to the presence of four picturesque lakes in it, classified as one of the most beautiful international tourist places, as follows:

Lake Batur

It is the largest lake in the Bali islands and is located specifically in the northeastern side of the island of Bali in a village called Kintamani, which belongs to an area called Bangli. Fifty kilometers, in addition to that it is located near an active volcanic mountain, so that the number of times that it exploded reached twenty-four times, and that was since the year 1800 AD, knowing that its largest explosion was in 1926 AD, during which the village of Batur was completely destroyed.

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Lake Bojan

It comes second in terms of area, with an area of ​​approximately three square kilometers, and a depth of eighty-seven meters, in addition to containing water the size of one hundred and sixteen cubic kilometers, and is located specifically in an area called Pancasari, to the northwest of Bedugul .

Lake Piratan

Lake Beratan, which has an area of ​​approximately three square kilometers, is called twenty-two meters deep. As for its height, it is approximately one thousand meters. It is located specifically in a region called Biddagul in the northern part of Bali Island, and it is surrounded by a mountain chain that starts from Mount Pucak Sangkur in the part North, either to the east, is surrounded by Mount Terate Bang, and from the west, it is surrounded by Mount Batukaru.

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Lake Tamplingan

It is located specifically in the northern region of Bali Island, near Lake Boya, and it is the smallest lake in terms of area, with an area of ​​approximately one square kilometer, and for its depth, it is about ninety meters in length, and the volume of water in it is about twenty seven cubic kilometers.

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