Where are the islands of Malta located?

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Malta Islands

The Maltese Islands consist of three densely populated islands that are Malta, Comino and Gozo, in addition to a number of deserted and empty populations such as Kamun and St. Paul, and these islands unite with each other to form the Republic of Malta and its capital, Valletta, and the Republic of Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world In terms of area and highest population density, the Maltese Islands constitute the remainder of the geographical link that linked Europe and Africa.

Its location

The islands of Malta are located in the Mediterranean, and despite their geographical location close to the continent of Africa, especially the Tunisian and Libyan coasts, they are politically joining Europe and are one of the European countries, and the Italian coast is considered one of the closest European coasts to it.

Its climate

The location of the Malta Islands, which is located in the subtropical regions, helped in its acquisition of a moderate temperate climate. Its climate is characterized by warmth and rain in the winter, which is equivalent to 500 milliliters per year, heat and drought in the summer, and the average annual temperature in it is between 16-23 ° C.

Its population

Due to the small size of the Malta Islands, which collectively reach 316 km2, the Maltese Islands suffer from a high population density at a rate of 1200 n / km2, which is the third around the world in terms of population density, about 94% of its population is concentrated in the big cities of Malta, and the island of Godesh It is inhabited by approximately 30 thousand people, while the island of Kamuna is inhabited by a few Maltese, the people of the Maltese Islands are spoken in the Maltese language, which is a mixture between the Italian language, English, French, Latin and a little Arabic, and Latin letters are used to write the Maltese language, and English is spread in the Maltese Islands as a secondary language , Especially in Governmental institutions, most of the people of the Malta Islands condemn the Catholic Christian religion, which controls the internal politics in a large way. Divorce and abortion are prohibited by the rule of religion, and the perpetrator is tried and subject to imprisonment or a fine.

Its policy

The republican system of government prevails in the islands of Malta, in addition to following the parliamentary system of government, which makes it similar to the Westminster system of government, and it includes a single parliament that represents the House of Representatives and includes 69 deputies, renewed once every five years by direct general elections, and if one of the parties gets Majority of seats new seats are added to the winning party, in order to ensure the presence of the majority of parties within the House of Representatives.

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